Customer Retention Mastery: Lessons from Eli Weiss

In this conversation, Eli Weiss, VP Retention Advocacy at Yotpo and an expert in customer experience and retention, discusses the importance of customer retention and the future of retention strategies at Yotpo. He emphasizes the need for brands to understand the holistic customer journey and utilize data to communicate with customers effectively.Eli shares insights on […]

Decoding SEO’s Next Wave with Darwin Santos

In this conversation, Darwin Santos, a technical SEO expert, discusses various aspects of SEO in the context of e-commerce. He emphasizes the importance of SEO in driving organic traffic and conversions for online stores.Darwin highlights the need for strategic planning and execution of SEO strategies, considering factors such as technical elements, trust signals, and semantic […]

From Clicks to Customers: Mastering E-Commerce Payments with Dror Birzon

In this conversation, Dror Birzon, a payments expert from BlueSnap, discusses the challenges and opportunities in the payment industry. He highlights the importance of converting users into buyers and the role of AI in payment workflows.Dror also emphasizes the need for localization in international expansion and the significance of alternative payment methods. He explores the […]

Chic Sustainability: Esther Richter’s Fashion and Sustainability Practices

Esther Richter, a fashion industry professional, shares her journey and expertise in the world of fashion, with a focus on secondhand clothing and sustainability. She discusses her experience working with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, and provides insights into launching and marketing on these platforms.Esther also highlights the role of AI in fashion […]

Innovations in E-Commerce: Liz Kressel’s Journey from Media to Online Shopping

In this conversation, Liz Kressel, an e-commerce expert, discusses various topics related to e-commerce, including the integration of entertainment and commerce, the rise of live shopping and shoppable videos, best practices for live shopping events, e-commerce challenges and trends, optimization and customer journeys, the role of agencies in the Shopify ecosystem, and strategies for implementing […]

From China to Global Impact: Carmen Muley’s Live Shopping Journey

Carmen Muley, a live shopping and social commerce expert, shares her personal journey and experiences in the live shopping industry. She discusses the birth of live shopping in China and its evolution over the years.Carmen highlights the differences in consumer behavior between China and the Western world, emphasizing the need for European brands to be […]

Driving Profit Through Operational Innovation with Kathleen Sullivan Garman

In this conversation, Kathleen Sullivan Garman shares her expertise in operations and optimization in the e-commerce industry. She discusses her passion for operations and the importance of efficiency in driving profitability. Kathleen explains her typical engagements, which involve analyzing and optimizing various aspects of a company’s operations.Kathleen emphasizes the need for a structured implementation process […]

Vinny O’Brien’s Guide to Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Vinny O’Brien discusses the future of e-commerce and the concept of free commerce for everyone. He highlights the need for a shift in the traditional e-commerce blueprint and the importance of education in the industry.Vinny also explores the role of AI in e-commerce and the challenges of data-driven decision-making. He addresses the impact of platforms […]

Jennifer Peters: Crafting Success in the Supplement Market

Jennifer Peters, an e-commerce expert, discusses the challenges and strategies in the supplement industry. She shares insights on how OLLY, a supplement brand, differentiates itself in the market and positions its products in the e-commerce space.Jennifer highlights the importance of customer delight and the role of marketing in creating a pleasant customer experience. She also […]

The Future of Furniture Shopping with Alex Back from

Alex Back, founder and CEO of, shares his journey in the furniture industry and the challenges he faced in helping customers find the right couch. He discusses the innovation he introduced in the online furniture space and the importance of customer service.Alex explains the concept behind and its goal to provide a personalized […]