Children’s Costumes Online: James Sposto on Ecommerce Growth

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Welcome to today’s episode of our podcast where we dive into the fascinating world of children’s costumes with none other than James Sposto, the Director of E-commerce at TEETOT. TEETOT, a brand with a 35-year legacy, specializes in high-quality dress-up costumes that go beyond Halloween, focusing on everyday imagination and play for kids.

In this episode, James will walk us through his strategic role in transforming TEETOT’s online presence. From overhauling their e-commerce platform to transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify, James’s initiatives have resulted in a significant boost in sales, amplifying the company’s digital footprint. He’ll discuss the impact of SEO, the integration of AI in content management, and his approach to direct consumer marketing that effectively targets parents—the main buyers of their products.

James also highlights how TEETOT’s costumes are designed to inspire creativity and educational play among children aged three to eight, emphasizing the importance of quality and durability in kids’ costumes. As we explore the intricacies of e-commerce and digital marketing through James’s expert lens, listeners will gain valuable insights into leveraging online platforms for business growth. So, tune in and get ready to learn how innovation and strategic marketing are key to keeping the magic of childhood imagination alive at TEETOT.


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Guest: James Sposto, the Director of E-commerce at TEETOT.




  • TEETOT specializes in high-quality children’s costumes for imagination play and role-playing.
  • James Sposto successfully scaled the online sales of TEETOT by optimizing SEO and incorporating AI into content development.
  • The marketing strategies focus on targeting parents as the buyers of the costumes, with an emphasis on quality and differentiation.
  • Reviews and Google ads have had a significant impact on the brand’s performance. Building SEO and opening multiple sales channels are valuable strategies for e-commerce businesses.
  • Amazon sales may not always be the most profitable, and it’s important to explore other platforms like Walmart.
  • Influencer marketing on TikTok can be a potential avenue for growth.
  • Being adaptable and staying up-to-date with trends is crucial in the e-commerce industry.


00:00 Introduction and Beautiful Southern California

01:37 James’ Role at TEETOT and the Focus on Imagination Play

06:34 Scaling Online Sales and Marketing Strategies

11:05 The Impact of Reviews and Google Ads

13:27 Targeting Parents as Buyers

15:18 High-Quality Costumes at an Affordable Price

20:32 TikTok and Brand Promotion

21:01 Building SEO and Opening Multiple Sales Channels

22:00 Shifting Focus from Amazon to Other Platforms

27:12 Exploring Influencer Marketing on TikTok

34:09 The Importance of Adaptability in E-commerce

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