80. Sabina Campbell’s Guide to E-Commerce SEO Success

In this episode, out host Eitan Koter welcomes Sabina Campbell, Sr. Director SEO and E-commerce at Restaurant Supply, a leading online destination for commercial kitchen equipment and foodservice supplies. Sabina shares her extensive knowledge in technical SEO, content production, and customer acquisition strategies. During our conversation, Sabina explains the importance of a well-structured website, emphasizing […]

79. Retention vs. Acquisition: Sachin Bhargava’s E-commerce Secrets

In this episode, I welcome Sachin K. Bhargava, the Senior Director of Digital Products and e-commerce at John Hardy, a leading luxury jewelry brand. Sachin brings a wealth of experience from his roles at notable companies like Gilt Groupe, Mack Weldon, and Bespoke Post. He shares with us his journey in e-commerce, emphasizing the importance […]

78. Mastering SEO for E-commerce Success with Josh Piepmeier

Today I’m talking with Josh Piepmeier, a prominent SEO expert and the founder of Meriwether, a successful SEO agency. Josh’s journey from engineering to becoming an SEO specialist is both remarkable and educational. He combines his technical expertise with a passion for content marketing to help e-commerce brands achieve top rankings and significant revenue growth. […]

77. Customer-Centric Commerce: Lisa Scheps of Lancome

Welcome listeners! I’m so excited to introduce my guest on today’s episode, Lisa Scheps, Vice President at L’Oréal, where she oversees Lancome.com in the US. Lisa is a seasoned professional with a rich background in both brick-and-mortar and digital retail, having started her career in store retail before transitioning to e-commerce. She brings a wealth […]

75. Brandon Rael: Your Trusted Advisor on Digital Transformation

Today I speak with Brandon Rael, an experienced retail and e-commerce professional and a RETHINK Retail Top Expert, about the role of a trusted advisor in digital transformation. Brandon emphasizes the importance of understanding the root cause of challenges and prioritizing transformation initiatives. We discuss the need for agility and customer-centricity in today’s market and […]

74. Data-Driven Marketing with Katy Katz of Basic Fun!

Hello listeners and welcome to today’s episode of our eCom Pulse podcast! I’m thrilled to have Katy Katz, a digital marketing expert with nearly 20 years of experience, joining us. Katy heads Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Basic Fun!, a company known for its beloved toy brands like Care Bears, Tonka, and Littlest Pet Shop. […]

73. CRO Secrets by Will Laurenson from Customers Who Click

Will Laurenson, the founder of Customs Who Click, discusses the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) in e-commerce. He explains that CRO involves customer research, problem-solving, and optimizing the website to improve advertising efficiency, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. Brands typically reach out to CRO agencies either because they have a problem on their website […]

72. Mobile UX and Technical SEO with Dekstech’s Luke Tull

Welcome to today’s episode! We have a fantastic guest joining us, Luke Tull, founder and CEO of Dekstech, where he specializes in web design and development for medium and large-sized businesses on Shopify and Shopify Plus. With a strong emphasis on data-driven strategies, Dekstech helps brands navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace, ensuring their […]

71. Expanding into Latin America with Michael Begg from AMZ Advisers

Greetings, listeners! Today we’ve got Mike Begg on the show, co-founder and CEO of AMZ Advisers, and Go Avance. Mike is an expert in e-commerce and Amazon marketplace strategies, with a particular focus on expanding brands into the Latin American market. In this episode, Mike shares his fascinating journey from Connecticut to Guadalajara, Mexico, where […]