77. Customer-Centric Commerce: Lisa Scheps of Lancome

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Welcome listeners! I’m so excited to introduce my guest on today’s episode, Lisa Scheps, Vice President at L’Oréal, where she oversees Lancome.com in the US. Lisa is a seasoned professional with a rich background in both brick-and-mortar and digital retail, having started her career in store retail before transitioning to e-commerce. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the ever-evolving beauty industry.

In this episode, Lisa shares her unique perspective on the shift of power from retailers to brands and now to consumers, highlighting how the rise of social media and platforms like TikTok have transformed consumer behavior. We discuss the importance of maintaining a strong brand presence across multiple channels, from the traditional beauty counter to online platforms, ensuring that consumers have a seamless and educational shopping experience.

We also dive into the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, the evolving role of AI in marketing, and the impact of customer-centric strategies on business success. Lisa’s passion for mentorship and helping the next generation of professionals shines through, as she shares her experiences and advice for navigating the landscape of retail and e-commerce.

Stay tuned for a compelling conversation filled with valuable takeaways and actionable insights from Lisa Scheps. Enjoy the episode!

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Guest: Lisa Scheps, Vice President at L’Oréal

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  • The beauty industry has seen a shift in power from retailers to brands and now to consumers, who dictate what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.
  • Digital transformation is a complex process that requires a customer-centric approach and a deep understanding of consumer trends and behaviors.
  • Email marketing is evolving, with declining open rates but strong click-through rates. Social listening and surveying customers are important tools for understanding consumer preferences.
  • Lisa is passionate about mentorship and helping young professionals navigate their careers. She also has a personal interest in jewelry design.
  • Being adaptable and open to change is crucial in the ever-evolving world of retail and marketing.


00:00 Introduction and Quick Overview

03:05 The Shift in Power in the Beauty Industry

06:14 Digital Transformation in the Beauty Industry

09:03 The Changing Dynamics of Email Marketing and Social Listening

23:44 The Challenges of Targeting Different Generations

26:21 Targeting Gen X Plus and the Future of Work

28:38 Passion for Mentorship and Jewelry Design

30:37 Closing Thoughts and Optimism for the Future

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