Paid Media Secrets with Nikki Lindgren from Pennock

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Nikki Lindgren, founder and managing partner at Pennock, a paid media agency, discusses her background and the inspiration behind starting her agency. Nikki shares insights on the evolving landscape of paid media, including the impact of AI and machine learning. We’ve discussed the importance of a balanced approach between earned and owned media, and the need for a strong inbound strategy to boost ROAS.

Nikki also provides recommendations for new brands starting out in 2024, including leveraging Amazon and Google Ads, as well as utilizing TikTok and Meta for brand awareness. She highlights the significance of creator-led content and the importance of education and third-party credibility in marketing campaigns.

We’ve explored various aspects of digital marketing, including budget allocation, A/B testing, the impact of cookie deprecation, marketing efficiency ratios, attribution, and the future of the industry. She emphasizes the importance of middle-of-funnel placements like Amazon and Google for brands starting out, and the need to balance top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel campaigns. She shares her criteria for working with brands and offers career advice for those interested in the industry.


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Guest: Nikki Lindgren, founder and managing partner at Pennock


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  • Paid media agencies should have a seamless integration with in-house teams to better serve brands.
  • A balanced approach between paid and owned media is crucial for brand success.
  • New brands should consider leveraging Amazon and Google Ads for high return on ad spend.
  • TikTok and Meta are effective platforms for brand awareness, and integrating shops on these platforms can lead to higher conversions.
  • Creator-led content that focuses on education and third-party credibility is key to successful marketing campaigns. For brands starting out, it’s important to focus on middle-of-funnel placements like Amazon and Google, while gradually moving up the funnel to reach a wider audience.
  • Cookie deprecation is having a significant impact on the industry, and marketers are adapting by focusing on marketing efficiency ratios (MER) as a key metric.
  • Attribution is challenging, but understanding lag time and touch points can help inform marketing strategies.
  • AI is being tested in marketing, but current solutions are not yet impressive enough to replace manual efforts.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:48 The Evolution of Paid Media and the Role of AI

06:45 Balancing Paid and Owned Media for Brand Success

09:23 Leveraging Amazon and Google Ads for High ROI

14:20 TikTok and Meta: Platforms for Brand Awareness

22:23 Optimizing Budget Allocation and A/B Testing

25:04 Navigating the Impact of Cookie Deprecation

27:47 The Importance of Marketing Efficiency Ratios

29:36 Understanding Attribution and Funnel Positions

35:02 The Future of the Industry: Connected TV and Audio Ads

36:20 Exploring the Potential of AI in Marketing

37:12 Working with Emerging Brands in the Beauty and Lifestyle Space

38:33 Career Lessons in the Fast-Paced World of Digital Marketing

39:02 Getting to Know Nikki: Soccer Mom and Aerial Skills Enthusiast

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