Building E-commerce Empires with Neil Twa from Voltage

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Welcome to today’s episode where our host Eitan Koter discuss e-commerce with Neil Twa, the founder of Voltage Digital which launches, operates, and acquires e-commerce brands. Neil has also written the book “Almost automated income with FBA!” where you will learn how to create your own “almost automated” Amazon e-commerce business in a short period of time without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Neil shares his profound insights from over two decades of experience in online entrepreneurship and e-commerce innovation.

We’ll uncover how Neil transitioned from the early days of dial-up internet to pioneering e-commerce strategies that have dramatically reshaped how businesses operate online.

Neil will walk us through his journey of developing and leading Voltage, revealing the pivotal decisions and strategies that helped scale his ventures to remarkable heights.

Expect to learn about the challenges and triumphs of managing multi-million e-commerce businesses, the evolution of Amazon’s marketplace, and how emerging technologies are transforming the digital commerce landscape.

Neil also shares invaluable advice for entrepreneurs looking to carve out their own success stories in the competitive world of e-commerce.


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Guest: Neil Twa – Chief Executive Officer Voltage Holdings, LLC


Voltage Holdings:


  • Living in the country can provide a conducive atmosphere for e-commerce consulting and growth.
  • Experimentation and adaptability are key in the e-commerce industry.
  • Acquisitions can be a strategic way to grow and develop e-commerce businesses.
  • Multi-channel strategies are essential for brand discoverability and growth.
  • Implementing a multi-channel strategy requires careful planning and collaboration. Selling on TikTok requires changing the language and copy to appeal to the TikTok audience.
  • The power of creators and the psychology of buyers are key factors in the success of TikTok Shops.
  • Certain products that may not sell well on Amazon can be successful on TikTok Shops.


00:00 Introduction and Living in the Country

02:02 Starting in E-commerce

05:57 Acquisitions and Growth

09:08 Acquisition Criteria and Valuation

12:26 Product Lines and Diversity

14:30 Market Opportunities and Trends

22:56 Selling on TikTok and Changing the Language

23:26 The Power of Creators and the Psychology of Buyers

24:21 Products that Succeed on TikTok Shops

25:10 Optimizing Acquisition in 2024

26:06 The Changing Landscape of Amazon and the Importance of Private Label

27:03 Acquiring Amazon Businesses and Evaluating Market Shifts

28:59 The Maturing Market of Amazon and the Importance of Due Diligence

32:11 Acquiring Customers on Amazon and the Importance of PPC

33:53 Acquiring Customers Outside of Amazon and the Importance of Follow-up

38:29 The Concept of Almost Automated Income

41:12 Starting on Amazon FBA vs. DTC Channels

43:14 Lessons from Neil’s Career

46:37 A Fun Fact About Neil

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