The 8 Dimensions of E-Commerce Brilliance by Sabir Semerkant – Part 2

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Welcome back to eCom Pulse! In this next segment with Sabir Semerkant, we’re unpacking the essentials of product positioning and brand building. You’ve heard the what and the why, but now it’s time for the how.

Forget about playing catch-up with the competition; Sabir is here to show us that the secret sauce to success lies in telling our unique story. We’re looking at what sets our product apart, and how we can harness that to not just compete, but to set a new standard in the market.

So, let’s continue our journey into the art of differentiation and discover the path to a brand identity that resonates with authenticity and purpose. Ready to find out how to make your product the hero of its own story? Stay tuned!


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Guest: Sabir Semerkant – Growth by Sabir


Growth by Sabir:


  1. Product Positioning and Brand Building: Understanding your brand’s unique story is crucial for positioning your product in the market effectively.
  2. Differentiation Over Imitation: Emphasize what makes your product different and valuable, rather than simply copying what the competition does.
  3. Customer Experience and Engagement: It’s essential to know your customer and optimize your product imagery and website for the best user experience.
  4. Lifecycle Marketing: Understand your customer’s lifecycle and strategize accordingly to prevent attrition and increase retention with segmentation and personalized engagement.

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