71. Expanding into Latin America with Michael Begg from AMZ Advisers

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Greetings, listeners! Today we’ve got Mike Begg on the show, co-founder and CEO of AMZ Advisers, and Go Avance.

Mike is an expert in e-commerce and Amazon marketplace strategies, with a particular focus on expanding brands into the Latin American market. In this episode, Mike shares his fascinating journey from Connecticut to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he built his successful business helping brands thrive on Amazon and Mercado Libre.

I discuss with Mike the unique opportunities and challenges of the Latin American e-commerce landscape, including the importance of localization, the benefits of using local fulfillment networks, and the growing demand for consumer electronics, health, and personal care products.

Mike also highlights the critical role of off-platform marketing and programmatic ads in driving sales, as well as the advantages of partnering with a distributor to navigate complex logistics and legal requirements.

Don’t miss this engaging discussion filled with practical advice for brands interested in tapping into Latin America’s market!

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Guest: Michael Begg, co-founder and CEO of AMZ Advisers, and Go Avance.

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  • Latin America offers a significant opportunity for brands due to low competition and high demand for certain product categories.
  • Brands with a sales volume of $1-5 million are well positioned to expand into the Latin American market.
  • Localization is crucial for success in Latin America, including translating copy and adapting imagery to the local culture.
  • Off-platform marketing, such as affiliate programs and programmatic ads, can be highly effective in reaching Latin American consumers.
  • Understanding local tax regulations and working with a distributor or agency can help navigate the complexities of the Latin American market.
  • Mike Begg shares his personal experience playing lacrosse for the Portuguese national team and fracturing his collarbone in Poland.


00:00 Introduction and Background

04:02 Opportunities in the Latin American E-commerce Market

07:01 Marketing Strategies for Success in Latin America

10:43 Handling Customer Support and Tax Regulations

14:04 Profitable Niches and Ideal Stage for Expansion

16:11 Resources and Budget Allocation for Latin American Expansion

22:42 Legal Considerations and Shipping Logistics

26:55 Ideal Customer Types for Agency and Distribution Services

29:27 Personal Story: Playing Lacrosse for the Portuguese National Team

31:10 Contact Information and Conclusion

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