Inside the Printer Supply Industry with Bo Acimovic: Sustainability and Sales

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Bo Acimovic, Director of Global e-commerce for Clover Imaging Group, shares his professional journey and the challenges and benefits of selling remanufactured printer supplies. He discusses the characteristics of the printer supplies industry and the importance of sustainability.

Bo emphasizes the need to educate customers about the quality and cost-effectiveness of remanufactured products. He also highlights the challenges of selling uninteresting products and the importance of technical information and compatibility. Bo explains the onboarding process for dealers and the continuous development of their B2B platform.

He discusses the use of customer feedback and data analysis to improve the website and enhance the customer experience. Bo shares insights into the balance between offline and online strategies and the importance of integrating third-party systems through APIs. In this conversation, Bo Acimovic discusses the importance of API integration in e-commerce, allowing customers to easily connect their systems and access data. He highlights the benefits of integrating via API, such as automating product database updates and streamlining order processing.

The conversation also explores the convergence of B2B and B2C e-commerce, with a focus on personalization and data collection. Bo shares insights on international sales, payment methods, and selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. The discussion delves into the customization of product data and integration with various e-commerce platforms. Bo also discusses the role of AI in e-commerce, particularly in chatbot applications.

The conversation concludes with a focus on B2B strategies and the importance of customer focus.


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Guest: Bo Acimovic, Director of Global e-commerce for Clover Imaging Group



  • The printer supplies industry is a green and sustainable industry that offers cost-effective alternatives to OEM products.
  • Selling uninteresting products requires a focus on technical information, compatibility, and educating customers about the benefits of remanufactured products.
  • Continuous website development and small changes are more effective than large redesigns to improve the customer experience.
  • Collecting and analyzing data is crucial for understanding customer behavior and improving the website and marketing strategies.
  • Balancing offline and online channels is important to cater to different customer preferences and needs. API integration in e-commerce allows for easy connection and access to data.
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce are converging, with a focus on personalization and data collection.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:14 Clover Imaging Group and the Printer Supplies Industry

02:50 Challenges and Benefits of Remanufactured Products

03:35 Selling Uninteresting Products

05:07 Dealer and Customer Journey

07:08 Streamlining the B2B Platform

09:06 Customer Support and Feedback

10:08 Collecting and Analyzing Data

12:28 Offline vs Online Strategies

13:18 Data Analysis and Upselling

15:09 Real-Time Recommendations at Checkout

19:16 API Gateway and Integration

22:09 B2B and B2C Convergence

24:56 International Sales and Payment Methods

27:25 Selling on Amazon and Third-Party Marketplaces

30:40 AI in E-commerce and Chatbots

36:09 Pride in In-House Teams and Fun Fact

38:04 Nikola Jokic and Focusing on What You Do Best

38:46 Conclusion

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