72. Mobile UX and Technical SEO with Dekstech’s Luke Tull

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Welcome to today’s episode! We have a fantastic guest joining us, Luke Tull, founder and CEO of Dekstech, where he specializes in web design and development for medium and large-sized businesses on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

With a strong emphasis on data-driven strategies, Dekstech helps brands navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace, ensuring their online presence is both effective and efficient.

Luke has become an expert in building and optimizing online stores. He has a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of the Shopify platform, making him a go-to resource for brands looking to enhance their e-commerce presence. Luke’s journey began with experimenting in dropshipping, where he learned valuable lessons about sales and consumer behavior, eventually channeling his knowledge into creating effective and efficient e-commerce solutions for his clients.

This episode covers key topics such as the importance of mobile user experience, the role of technical SEO in boosting website performance, and the significance of understanding consumer psychology. Luke also discusses how Dekstech uses data-driven approaches to improve conversion rates and the surprising trends in desktop vs. mobile purchases.

Finally, Luke emphasizes the importance of human connection in e-commerce and shares a fun fact about the origins of Dekstech name. ou won’t want to miss this episode, filled with expert advice and practical tips for anyone interested in e-commerce and digital marketing. Enjoy!

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Guest: Luke Tull, founder and CEO of Dekstech

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-tull/

AMZ Advisers – www.dekstech.com


  • Understanding consumer psychology is crucial for successful e-commerce
  • Data analysis and technical SEO are essential for optimizing conversion rates
  • Mobile user experience should be a focus, but desktop purchases still dominate
  • Human connection and authenticity are key in marketing
  • Simplifying and improving the basics can have a significant impact on e-commerce success


00:00 Introduction and Fun Fact

02:58 Understanding Consumer Psychology in E-commerce

07:01 Optimizing Conversion Rates with Data and Technical SEO

11:29 The Role of Mobile User Experience in E-commerce

16:36 The Power of Human Connection in Marketing

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