84. The Secrets of Efficient E-commerce Shipping with Erez Sages

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Welcome to another episode of the ‘eCom Pulse’ podcast. Today, we have Erez Sages, the CEO and Co-founder of iBundle, joining us.

Erez and his team have transformed the shipping landscape for e-commerce businesses, particularly in the D2C sector. iBundle offers a unique shipping method that consolidates shipments, ensuring cost-effective and efficient delivery across multiple international corridors.

In this episode, Erez shares the story behind iBundle’s inception and how they identified a significant pain point in e-commerce logistics.

He discusses the core elements that set iBundle apart, such as automation, competitive pricing, and their innovative approach to bundling shipments.

Erez also provides valuable insights into the challenges of cross-border shipping, the importance of technology in logistics, and how e-commerce businesses can optimize their shipping strategies to meet customer expectations.

Tune in to learn about the cutting-edge solutions iBundle offers and gain practical advice on navigating the complexities of e-commerce logistics.

Enjoy the episode!

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Guest: Erez Sages, the CEO and Co-founder of iBundle

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  • iBundle’s unique approach to shipping and logistics involves leveraging technology and deep expertise in e-commerce and shipping.
  • E-commerce businesses prioritize automation, pricing, and a mix of shipping options to meet customer expectations and manage costs.
  • The shift towards direct-to-consumer and D2C cross-border shipping is driving the need for innovative shipping solutions and logistics expertise.
  • The future of logistics and shipping solutions involves a tech-oriented approach, leveraging AI, and adapting to market trends and customer expectations.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:02 iBundle’s Unique Approach to Shipping and Logistics

07:16 E-commerce Challenges and Shipping Criteria

13:06 Customer Journey and Localization Services

16:13 Market Trends and Decision-Making in Logistics

25:13 Expertise and Advice for Logistics Professionals

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