Driving E-Commerce Profitability: Burak Yolga, CEO of Forceget

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Welcome to today’s episode where our host Eitan Koter explores the current state of global supply chain and logistics in e-commerce with our guest, Burak Yolga. Burak brings an international perspective, having lived and worked across Turkey, China, and now the United States, where he operates from Miami.

As the CEO of Forceget, a global supply chain and logistics company, Burak has a wealth of knowledge of the intricacies of global shipping and e-commerce operations.

In this discussion, Burak unpacks the current challenges and opportunities within the logistics sector, particularly how recent global events have reshaped shipping routes and costs. He provides significant insights into the strategic positioning of logistics operations across the globe, including the impact of rising costs and tighter margins on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Burak also offers insights into new market opportunities and the importance of diversifying sales channels beyond Amazon to platforms like Walmart and TikTok.

Listeners will learn about the critical role of inventory management in maintaining profitability, the increasing importance of understanding detailed fee structures on e-commerce platforms, and strategies for expanding into international markets to maximize revenue streams.

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Guest: Burak Yolga

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  • Rising shipping costs and increasing fees are impacting sellers’ profit margins on platforms like Amazon.
  • Competition between Amazon and other marketplaces like TikTok and Walmart is changing the e-commerce landscape.
  • Visibility and optimization in supply chain management are crucial for sellers to navigate the challenges of global e-commerce.
  • Understanding costs and focusing on profitability is essential for sellers to sustain their businesses.
  • Companies like ForgeGate provide logistics and tracking solutions to help sellers manage their supply chains effectively.


00:00 Introduction and Discussion on Miami as a Logistics Hub

05:36 The Changing Landscape of E-commerce and Competition Between Marketplaces

13:20 The Importance of Visibility and Optimization in Supply Chain Management

26:18 The Need for Understanding Costs and Focusing on Profitability

32:44 Introduction to ForgeGate and its Solutions for Sellers

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