Retail Reimagined: Pedro Santos on Leading E-Commerce Innovation

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Welcome to today’s podcast episode where our host Eitan Koter is joined by Pedro Santos, the head of e-commerce at MC Sonae, a leader in Portuguese retail. Our conversation explores the transformative trends in e-commerce and Q-commerce within the diverse retail formats operated by MC Sonae, from large hypermarkets to convenience stores.

Pedro sheds light on the omnichannel business model that has positioned MC Sonae as a frontrunner in retail, effectively integrating e-commerce with physical store operations to enhance customer experience and loyalty. He discusses the evolution of e-commerce, particularly in the grocery sector, highlighting the challenges and significant growth potential given the current digital penetration rates.

We also discussed the strategic importance of customer engagement through MC Sonae’s highly successful loyalty program, which covers a vast majority of Portuguese households. This initiative not only deepens customer relationships but also integrates seamlessly with both online and offline shopping experiences, boosting customer retention and satisfaction.

Join us to gain valuable insights from Pedro on navigating the complexities of modern retail and the innovative strategies MC Sonae employs to stay ahead in the competitive digital marketplace.


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Guest: Pedro Santos – Head of E-commerce @ Sonae MC



  • The e-commerce penetration in Portugal, especially in grocery commerce, is still relatively low, presenting significant room for growth.
  • Partnerships and loyalty programs are crucial for enhancing the customer experience and driving customer development.
  • Retail media and first-party data offer opportunities for retailers to generate additional revenues and personalize their advertising.
  • Omnichannel strategies that integrate online and offline channels are essential for meeting customer expectations and delivering a seamless experience.
  • Scaling up during challenging times, such as the pandemic, requires adaptability, operational efficiencies, and a customer-centric approach.


00:00 Introduction and Context

01:04 MC Sonne and Role of Pedro Santos

03:17 Challenges and Growth in the Portugal Market

06:19 Q-Commerce and Instant Deliveries

10:15 Partnerships and Loyalty Programs

12:50 Retail Media and Personalization

27:27 Analyzing Consumer Sentiment and Feedback

30:53 Retail Media and First-Party Data

34:38 Passion for Challenges and Extreme Sports

38:30 Proud Moments and Scaling Up During the Pandemic

40:35 Closing Remarks

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