Michael Dumas on Fashion E-Commerce

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Michael Dumas, Director of E-commerce at Zelouf International, a Global Fabric Wholesaler, shares his strategies for driving growth and success in the industry.

In this episode, we’ll explore how Michael’s strategic implementations, such as introducing express shipping options and overhauling the site’s SEO, have dramatically increased both sales volumes and customer satisfaction. He’ll share insights on the significant impact of small changes in a large catalog environment and the importance of understanding customer needs in the creative industry.

Additionally, Michael shares his approach to site redesigns and his plans for integrating B2B and DTC platforms to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. His story is not just about improving a website but about crafting a dynamic strategy that propels an established business into new heights of digital and retail success.

Michael also discussed with Michael about the challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry, including the changing retail landscape and the potential for targeting younger customers.

Let’s uncover the nuances of e-commerce in the fabric industry, the challenges of handling an extensive product range, and how targeted improvements can lead to substantial business growth.

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Guest: Michael Dumas, Director Of Ecommerce at Zelouf International

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeldumas/


  • Implementing express shipping options and improving website search functionality can lead to increased order volume and organic search traffic.
  • Understanding the customer journey and providing a seamless shopping experience are crucial for success in e-commerce.
  • The fashion industry faces challenges due to the changing retail landscape, but there are opportunities in targeting younger customers.
  • Expanding product offerings and catering to different customer segments can help drive growth and success in the industry.


00:00 Introduction and Weather Chat

03:08 Improving Organic Search Traffic with Sitemap Submission

04:01 Using Shopify Plus for Higher Limits and Tax Liability Assistance

05:02 Proposing a Site Redesign with Different Options

07:10 Overview of the Business and Customer Characteristics

08:16 Showcasing Fabric Variants and Patterns

12:12 Creating a Seamless Shopping Journey and Showroom Experience

15:29 B2B Journey and Payment Terms

19:36 Managing Supply Chains and Inventories

22:44 Marketing Activities and Targeting B2B Customers

23:28 Focus on Retention and Selling More to Existing Customers

24:19 Social Media Campaigns and TikTok Shop

25:36 Expanding Product Lines and Offering Additional Yardage

27:27 Challenges and Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

31:26 The Changing Retail Landscape and Targeting Younger Customers

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