78. Mastering SEO for E-commerce Success with Josh Piepmeier

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Today I’m talking with Josh Piepmeier, a prominent SEO expert and the founder of Meriwether, a successful SEO agency.

Josh’s journey from engineering to becoming an SEO specialist is both remarkable and educational. He combines his technical expertise with a passion for content marketing to help e-commerce brands achieve top rankings and significant revenue growth.

In this episode, Josh unpacks the current trends in SEO, including Google’s transition to an answers platform and what this means for businesses today. He shares his innovative approach to content marketing, emphasizing the importance of creating authority through valuable content and strategic collection pages. Josh also explores the critical connection between SEO and paid advertising, highlighting how brands can use SEO to capture the demand generated by their ads effectively.

Join us as Josh offers practical advice on mastering SEO, leveraging topical authority, and integrating SEO with your broader marketing strategy to drive success. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Enjoy!

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Guest: Josh Piepmeier, founder of Meriwether

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  • SEO is evolving, with Google transitioning from a search platform to an answers platform.
  • E-commerce stores and direct-to-consumer brands are becoming more prominent in search results.
  • Creating content that combines best of list posts with an interactive shopping experience can be a successful SEO strategy.
  • Online communities and platforms like TikTok and YouTube are influencing consumer research and purchase decisions.
  • Google’s search results are in a transition phase, and there may be volatility and fluctuations in rankings.
  • Google is trying to compete with Amazon in terms of the shopping experience.
  • Intent-based searches and the need for unbiased opinions are driving the importance of content marketing.
  • Having a laser focus on SEO expertise is crucial for success in competitive industries.
  • The secret sauce of SEO strategy lies in creating content that meets user intent and promotes products in a balanced way. Creating high-quality, authoritative content can significantly impact SEO rankings.
  • Topical authority, becoming a subject matter expert in a specific topic, can boost SEO rankings.
  • Capturing demand generated by paid ads through SEO is crucial for maximizing ROI.


00:00 Introduction and Small Talk

01:08 The Evolution of SEO: From Search Platform to Answers Platform

05:08 The Rise of E-commerce Stores in Search Results

09:28 The Importance of Content Marketing and Unbiased Opinions

12:19 The Influence of Online Communities on Consumer Research

14:37 Google’s Transition Phase and Volatility in Rankings

16:13 Google’s Competition with Amazon in the Shopping Experience

20:16 The Secret Sauce of SEO Strategy: Meeting User Intent and Promoting Products

20:54 The Impact of Content Marketing on SEO Rankings

24:18 The Power of Topical Authority in SEO

28:47 The Connection Between SEO and Paid Ads

37:18 Investing in SEO During the Paradigm Shift

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