Mastering Luxury E-Commerce: Insights from Mezlan’s Joshua Young

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Welcome to today’s episode, where we explore the evolving landscape of luxury retail and e-commerce innovation. Joining us is Joshua Young, the head of e-commerce at Mezlan, a company renowned for its handcrafted luxury shoes, made with passion and precision in Spain for over four decades. Joshua offers a deep understanding of global market trends and successful e-commerce practices.

In today’s conversation, Joshua recounts Mezlan’s journey from a small operation selling belts door-to-door to becoming a major player in the luxury shoe market across the U.S. We explore the complexities of crafting unique, high-end products, from exotic materials like alligator and ostrich to the traditional craftsmanship that defines Mezlan’s offerings. Joshua also shares insights into the challenges and successes of managing a luxury brand’s e-commerce platform, discussing customer loyalty, innovative marketing strategies, and how Mezlan maintains its allure in a competitive digital landscape.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or simply a lover of fine footwear, this episode is packed with insights that illuminate the path to success in the luxury retail space. So, let’s dive in and learn from one of the best in the business.


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Guest: Joshua Young, Head of e-commerce at Mezlan



  • Focus on quality, comfort, and unique designs to create a luxury product.
  • Exceptional customer service and loyalty programs are key to retaining customers.
  • Adaptability is crucial in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.
  • Stay informed about new trends and technologies in the industry.
  • Utilize multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, to reach different audiences.
  • UGC (user-generated content) plays a significant role in building trust with customers.
  • Challenges of attribution in a cookie-less world require careful analysis and adaptation.
  • Maintain a balance between different sales channels and tailor strategies to each channel’s audience.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:16 Crafting Luxury Shoes

04:17 Adapting to the E-commerce Landscape

07:29 Utilizing Multiple Channels

12:06 The Power of User-Generated Content

15:28 Challenges of Attribution

20:20 Managing Customer Journeys

22:12 Expanding to Other Marketplaces

25:21 B2B and B2C Experiences

27:47 Success and Adaptability

31:04 Tips for E-commerce Leaders

32:12 Conclusion

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