Handwritten Outreach with David Wachs: Personalized Notes for High ROI

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Handwrytten is a company that helps businesses scale handwritten outreach in a world dominated by AI and digital communication. They use robots to write and send personalized handwritten notes on behalf of their clients.

David Wachs, Handwrytten’s founder and CEO, was interviewed by our host Eitan Koter. They discussed Handwrytten’s bootstrapping and profitable business model over the past ten years, and the company’s focus on organic growth.

Handwrytten targets various industries, including luxury brands, car dealerships, retailers, and nonprofits. The main use case for their service is sending thank-you notes, but they also help with after-purchase follow-ups, birthday cards, holiday cards, and more. Handwritten notes have been proven to have a higher response rate and ROI compared to other forms of digital communication.

Tune in as we uncover the importance of maintaining human connections in an AI-dominated era, and how businesses can leverage this approach to significantly improve their customer relationships and overall marketing effectiveness.

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Guest: David Wachs, founder and CEO of Handwrytten

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Handwrytten: https://www.handwrytten.com/


  • Handwritten notes are a powerful way to stand out in a world dominated by digital communication.
  • Handwrytten helps businesses scale their handwritten outreach by using robots to write and send personalized notes.
  • The company has been bootstrapped and profitable for 10 years, focusing on organic growth.
  • Handwritten notes have a higher response rate and ROI compared to other forms of communication.


00:00 Introduction and the Importance of Human Connection

03:11 The Journey of Handwrytten and Bootstrapping

05:56 Challenges and Growth Strategies

09:02 Use Cases and Process of Handwritten notes

12:09 Objections and Measuring Success

15:03 Benefits and ROI of Handwritten Notes

26:00 Competition, Pricing, and Growth Strategies

30:02 Fun Fact and Final Thoughts

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