Rare Coins Spotlight: Kate Ovodova on Collectibles

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Welcome to today’s episode where we explore the collectibles industry, with a special focus on the rare coin market. Our guest, Kate Ovodova, Head of eCommerce @ Bullion Shark, which is a prominent player in the collectible coin industry. Kate brings her experience and passion for the market, offering a unique perspective on the marketing and sales of rare coins, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary treasures.

In this episode, Kate shares intriguing insights into the nuances of the collectible coin market, including the discovery and acquisition of rare coins, the intricate research involved, and the captivating stories each coin carries. We’ll explore the challenges and strategies of marketing such unique items in a digital age, focusing on customer engagement, retention, and the impact of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram on reaching new audiences.

You’ll gain insight into the innovative strategies Bullion Shark employs to engage and expand their customer base through social media and digital marketing, and how they balance the demands of new customer acquisition with customer retention. This discussion will unveil the behind-the-scenes operations of the collectibles market, the passion of its collectors, and the sophisticated tactics used to captivate and educate potential buyers.

Join us for a journey through time and commerce, exploring how ancient coins find their place in modern collections.

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Guest: Kate Ovodova, Head of eCommerce @ Bullion Shark

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Bullion Shark – https://bullionexchanges.com/


  • The collectible industry, specifically dealing with rare coins, offers a fascinating blend of history, storytelling, and unique items.
  • Research plays a crucial role in finding and valuing rare coins, with each coin having its own story and characteristics.
  • Managing inventory and meeting customer demands in the collectible industry can be challenging, requiring constant readiness and a diverse range of coins.
  • Building trust with customers is essential, and social media and email marketing are effective tools for engaging with and educating the audience.
  • While AI can be a valuable tool in e-commerce, it should be used cautiously, with human oversight to ensure authenticity and quality.


00:00 Introduction and Overview of the Collectible Industry

04:48 Managing Inventory and Meeting Customer Demands

10:22 The Role of AI in E-commerce

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