The 8 Dimensions of E-Commerce Brilliance by Sabir Semerkant – Part 1

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Welcome to the first part of a two-part series where I sit down with ecommerce industry expert, Sabir Semerkant. As a co-founder of VaynerCommerce alongside Gary Vaynerchuk in 2010, Sabir has developed unique insights over the course of his 25-year journey through the evolution of online commerce. Using these insights, Sabir has generated $1 billion in incremental revenue from e-commerce sales.

As a pioneer since the inception of e-commerce, Sabir brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, a no-nonsense attitude to industry fluff, and a profound understanding of the numbers that fuel the digital market space. We will also discuss the transformative power of data, and the wisdom that comes from 25 years in the business.

As we prepare to unravel e-commerce layers with Sabir, a central theme of our conversation will be his 8D or 8-dimensional method. This is a framework based on eight critical dimensions that are the pillars of e-commerce success.

Let’s cut right to the chase, unerstadn why Sabir is so passionate about the industry, and lay bare the principles of achieving tangible growth. Tune in for an innovative way to navigate the e-commerce landscape, so let’s dive in.


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Guest: Sabir Semerkant – Growth by Sabir


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  1. Sabir Semerkant reveals the strength of the 8D method, a game-changing approach that removes guesswork from e-commerce, relying on pure data for truth and strategy.
  2. The transformative power of e-commerce is underscored by the elimination of ‘BS factor’, advocating for decisions driven by numbers and measurable results.
  3. Sabir’s perspective on passion in e-commerce reveals a dynamic industry where the thrill equals the first day on the job, regardless of tenure, due to its evolving nature.
  4. Marketing in e-commerce, according to Sabir, should transcend mere transactions; it’s about storytelling, brand building, and forming an emotional connection with customers.
  5. The podcast delves into the art of optimization, from site speed to customer journey, highlighting how each second and interaction can pivotally impact conversion rates.


00:00 – Introduction to the Episode

04:05 – Sabir’s E-commerce Background

08:10 – Essence of Data-Driven Decisions

12:15 – Debunking E-Commerce Myths

16:20 – Distinguishing Marketing from Sales

20:35 – The Art of E-Commerce Branding

24:50 – Strategies for Customer Acquisition

29:05 – Pricing Tactics in E-Commerce

33:30 – Power of Storytelling

37:45 – Building Customer Loyalty

42:00 – Improving Operational Efficacy

46:15 – Looking Ahead in E-Commerce

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