Mastering B2B and D2C: Elias Castaneda’s Strategies for Success

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Get ready for a super interesting chat on today’s eCom Pulse podcast episode as I’ve set down with Elias Castaneda, VP Marketing & Digital Commerce at AP&G – Catchmaster, where they’re pioneering eco-friendly pest control solutions. We’ve discussed what’s new and hot in e-commerce for 2024, and how online shopping and physical stores are finding new ways to work together.

Elias also shared his personal story, which is a wild ride from engineering to finance, and then a bold jump into digital marketing and e-commerce. Elias is a whiz at creating content that really speaks to people and knows how to balance B2B and B2C shoppers. He’s got some fascinating takes on the impact of COVID on the shopping landscape and the evolving strategies of retail giants like Walmart and Amazon.

Elias gives us a peek into his approach to A/B testing and how consumer feedback directly shapes product strategies at AP&G Catchmaster. His emphasis on personal customer relationships, even in digital spaces, offers a fresh perspective on customer service and brand loyalty. Plus, he shares some cool insights into how his love of strategy video games influences his professional mindset.

Elias gets personal too, talking about breaking out of the usual finance stereotype and following his true calling in business growth and innovation.

In this episode we explore the latest in e-commerce and get some genuine inspiration from someone who’s really changing the game!


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Guest: Elias Castaneda, VP Marketing & Digital Commerce at AP&G – Catchmaster




  • Think holistically and make decisions that benefit the overall business.
  • Overcome labels and focus on business growth.
  • Customer retention and engagement are imperative for long-term success.
  • Maintain a one-to-one relationship with consumers, even as the company grows.


00:00 Overview of the e-commerce market in 2024

03:05 APNG’s strategy and growth trajectory

07:30 Content creation and brand positioning

10:41 Analyzing customer journeys and data

14:11 Implementing customer feedback and agility

25:31 Managing multi-channel activities and complexities

27:30 Elias’s Personal Journey

29:07 Discovering a Passion for Business

32:52 The Importance of Digital Transformation

33:15 Lessons for Career Growth

37:33 Overcoming Labels and Focusing on Business Growth

42:07 Retention vs Acquisition

48:28 Elias’s Fun Fact

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