Vimmi Solutions

Achieve maximum loyalty, trust and new revenue streams through an e-commerce technology platform for direct interactions on live, personalized and entertaining video events.

Video-based E-commerce

End-to-end uninterrupted purchasing journey from discovery through to checkout and order fulfillment on your fully-owed e-commerce sites and apps. Boost engagement with influencers’ live video channels, predict churn, and target campaigns with advanced data analytics capabilities |

Retail Media

Present live shopping events in online and offline retailers’ assets, including CTV with the use of a QR code |

Video Reviews

A service that helps brands showcase their products or services through authentic videos submitted by satisfied customers. Give your potential buyers an inside look at what your product is capable of and the level of customer service you can provide |

Live Shopping solution

A live shopping solution that includes a go-live studio, co-host functionality, CDN, an interactive video player with chat and emojis, analytics, personalization, and messaging |

Tailor-made custom multi-store & marketplace technology

A customized software as a service built for clients who are looking to upgrade their legacy platform |

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