Vinny O’Brien’s Guide to Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

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Vinny O’Brien discusses the future of e-commerce and the concept of free commerce for everyone. He highlights the need for a shift in the traditional e-commerce blueprint and the importance of education in the industry.

Vinny also explores the role of AI in e-commerce and the challenges of data-driven decision-making. He addresses the impact of platforms like Shopify and the changing landscape of advertising and exposure in the e-commerce space.

In this conversation, Vinnie O’Brien discusses the use of video to engage customers and the importance of investing in brand campaigns. He emphasizes the need to differentiate through brand awareness and build customer goodwill. T

he conversation also explores the evolution of shoppable video and the use of Facebook Live for product engagement. Vinnie shares insights on using live shopping for product launches and the importance of engagement and production value in video.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of shoppable TV and the balance between high production value and authenticity in video content.


  • Vinny’s journey from eBay to his current endeavors illustrates the dynamic nature of e-commerce and the importance of adapting to its changes.
  • Vinny introduces the idea of ‘free commerce’, advocating for accessible and inclusive e-commerce, and stresses the importance of education in this field.
  • Vinny’s work with Rick Watson at RWM Commerce showcases the benefits of combining diverse skills and perspectives in digital commerce.
  • Vinny’s insights reveal how technology, like AI, is reshaping retail, from product descriptions to customer insights.
  • Video can be a powerful tool for engaging customers and driving brand awareness.
  • Shoppable video on big screens, such as TVs, presents new opportunities for e-commerce.
  • Being open-minded and questioning traditional e-commerce practices can lead to innovation and improved conversion rates.


00:00 Introduction and Background

09:56 The Future of E-commerce: Free Commerce for Everyone

16:03 Challenges and Trends in E-commerce

21:39 The Impact of AI in E-commerce

24:38 Data and Decision-Making in E-commerce

30:43 The Role of Shopify and the Changing Landscape of E-commerce

33:22 Navigating the Challenges of Advertising and Exposure

34:46 Using Video to Engage Customers

35:12 Investing in Brand Campaigns

36:35 Differentiating Through Brand Awareness

37:39 Building Customer Goodwill

38:45 The Evolution of Shoppable Video

39:30 Using Facebook Live for Product Engagement

41:49 Using Live Shopping for Product Launches

42:47 The Importance of Engagement and Production Value in Video

45:25 Exploring Shoppable Video on Big Screens

48:06 The Future of Shoppable TV

50:43 High Production Value vs Authenticity in Video

52:51 Vinnie’s Experience as a Rickshaw Runner

56:18 The Importance of Questioning and Being Open-Minded in E-commerce

57:16 Where to Find Vinnie

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