The SMB Yoda: Rick Wingender’s E-Commerce Growth Strategies

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Rick Wingender, an experienced e-commerce professional, shares his journey in the industry and his passion for helping small businesses succeed. He discusses his background in e-commerce, including his involvement with the Green Bay Packers as a minor shareholder.

Rick explains the challenges and mistakes he often sees in the SMB market and emphasizes the importance of having realistic expectations. He also highlights the skills and foundational knowledge necessary for e-commerce leaders to thrive.

He also highlights the major trends in e-commerce, including AI and cybersecurity. Rick shares his proud moments in his career, such as launching Circuit City’s e-commerce website and developing successful new businesses. He reveals a fun fact about writing a book on the internet and shares where people can find him for freelance consulting.


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Guest: Rick Wingender, Fractional CMO / CDO at Small Biz Coach 


Small Biz Coach:


  • E-commerce professionals should have a strong understanding of consumer behavior and merchandising.
  • Working with small businesses requires addressing their specific needs and educating them on e-commerce fundamentals.
  • Unrealistic expectations and lack of understanding can hinder the success of e-commerce initiatives.
  • E-commerce leaders should possess a diverse skill set and be able to navigate various aspects of the business. Foundational skills in marketing and technical knowledge are crucial for success in e-commerce.
  • AI has the potential to revolutionize e-commerce, but it should be used with caution and not replace human expertise.
  • Rick wrote a book on the internet and played a key role in launching Circuit City’s e-commerce website.


00:00 Introduction and Green Bay Packers

02:07 Background in E-commerce

05:33 Passion for E-commerce

09:35 Transition to Entrepreneurship

12:48 Working with Small Businesses

15:06 Challenges in the SMB Market

23:36 Skills for E-commerce Leaders

24:32 Importance of Foundational Skills in E-commerce

33:52 Major Trends in E-commerce: AI and Cybersecurity

41:08 Proud Moments in Rick’s Career

47:59 Fun Fact: Writing a Book and Launching Circuit City’s E-commerce Website

50:03 Where to Find Rick

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