The Secrets of Live Shopping with Dawn Chubai – Part 2

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In the second episode with Dawn Chubai, the conversation shifts to the skills required for a great host in live shopping, with Dawn drawing from her extensive experience in traditional media. She emphasizes the necessity of multitasking and effectively interacting with a live audience. Additionally, Dawn discusses the importance of hosts being able to cater to diverse viewers, addressing their unique questions and concerns. The episode also introduces the concept of a live selling talent roster and its benefits for brands and agencies in finding suitable hosts. Dawn concludes with a discussion on the future of live stream shopping, highlighting the continued importance of authenticity and advanced communication skills.


  • Essential skills for hosts in live selling scenarios, including audience engagement and multitasking.
  • The importance of addressing diverse viewer needs and queries in live selling.
  • Developing a live selling talent roster to match hosts with appropriate live stream events.
  • Insights into the future of live stream shopping, focusing on authenticity and communication.


34:33 Importance of Effective Hosts in Live Shopping

38:48 The Skills of a Great Host

39:33 The Evolution of Live Shopping

40:22 Skills from Traditional Media

41:23 Multitasking and Interacting with the Audience

42:35 Translating Information for Different Viewers

43:06 Dynamic Characteristics of Live Selling

43:25 The Importance of Language and Probing

44:33 Repeating Information without Repetition

45:52 The Power of Influence in Live Selling

46:26 Creating a Roster of Live Selling Talent

49:18 Initiating the Live Selling Talent Roster

52:59 The Recommendation of Spending Two Hours in Live Shopping Events

56:02 Creating Mini Shows within a Two-Hour Block

59:55 The Future of Live Stream Shopping

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