3. The Secrets of Live Shopping with Dawn Chubai – Part 1

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In the first part of this two-episode series, Dawn Chubai, a live shopping expert and principal of Live Selling School, delves into the evolution of home shopping and the burgeoning world of live stream shopping. She underscores the significance of authenticity and consistency in live selling, discussing the adoption of this trend in the Western world. Dawn offers valuable insights into the challenges of implementing live shopping, along with practical tips for preparing and promoting these events. The episode also covers the various sectors that can greatly benefit from live shopping and the critical role of effective hosts in driving sales.


  • The importance of authenticity and consistency in live shopping.
  • Understanding the adoption of live shopping in the Western world and addressing common misconceptions.
  • Key strategies for preparing and promoting successful live shopping events.
  • Identifying different sectors that can leverage live shopping for growth.
  • The role of effective hosts in enhancing customer engagement and sales.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:28 Evolution of Home Shopping and Live Stream Shopping

03:34 Key Factors in Live Shopping

05:38 Authenticity in Live Shopping

08:18 Consistency in Live Shopping

10:21 Adoption of Live Shopping in the Western World

13:17 Challenges in Implementing Live Shopping

17:17 Preparation and Promotion for Live Shopping Events

21:42 Structuring a Live Shopping Event

26:27 Maximizing Sales Potential and Customer Engagement

31:28 Different Sectors in Live Shopping

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