The Portless Way of Efficient Shipping

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In this conversation, our host Eitan Koter dives into an intriguing conversation with Izzy Rosenzweig from Portless, a company that’s making significant waves in the e-commerce logistics sector.

We got an in-depth look at how Portless is innovating the way products move from production to consumers. It’s not just about shipping faster; it’s about a smarter, more efficient approach that benefits both businesses and consumers.

Izzy shared insights on Portless’ direct logistics model, a strategy that’s proving to be a game-changer for improving cash flow and margins for e-commerce businesses. Izzy explains how Portless offers direct logistics, turning inventory into cash faster and improving gross margins.

He emphasizes the importance of brands being agile and strategic in their supply chain planning because every improvement in this area affects cash flow.

We also explored Izzy’s unique journey. It’s not every day you hear about someone with a background in rabbinical studies leading a logistics tech company, and Izzy’s story adds a personal touch to this innovative journey.

If you curious about logistics innovations, or just love hearing about how businesses adapt to the future of the digital world, this episode has something for you.


  • The retail industry is shifting towards profitability and cash flow, with a focus on optimizing supply chain and inventory management.
  • Portless offers direct logistics, allowing brands to turn inventory into cash faster and improve gross margins.
  • Agility and strategic planning are crucial for brands to navigate the changing retail landscape.
  • Izzy Rosenzweig has a rabbinical degree, showcasing his diverse background and expertise.


00:00 Introduction and Shop Talk Recap

02:21 The Shift to Profitability and Cash Flow

03:36 The Once-in-a-Generation Shift in Manufacturing

04:45 The Birth of Portless and Direct Logistics

08:28 Turning Inventory into Cash Faster

12:19 Optimizing Supply Chain for Profitability

19:54 Expansion and Control of the Brand Experience

22:19 Portless’ Growth and Challenges

24:59 The Shift to Profitability in the Industry

26:29 Tips for Professionals in Logistics and Supply Chain

28:46 Tenacity and Agility in Entrepreneurship

30:20 Fun Fact: Izzy’s Rabbinical Degree

31:01 Conclusion and Well Wishes

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