The Future of Shopping: A Talk with Retail Expert Michael Zakkour

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Michael Zakkour discusses with host Eitan Koter on the transformation happening in the retail and e-commerce industries. He highlights the shift from digital transformation to a new phase of disruption and transformation in e-commerce itself.

The retail industry is experiencing a renaissance, with the emergence of new channels and touchpoints for consumer engagement. Zakkour emphasizes the need for immersive commerce, where online shopping becomes more experiential, social, and fun. He also explores the influence of China on the future of retail and discusses the importance of understanding habitats and ecosystems in the retail landscape.

The conversation explores the concepts of marketplaces, ecosystems, and platform commerce. It emphasizes the importance of integrating online and offline technology, supply chain, and content to create a new retail model.

The guest, Michael Zakkour, shares his pride in his career achievements and fun facts about dancing with Richard Gere’s wife and his passion for fishing.


  • The retail industry is going through a transformation, with e-commerce itself being disrupted and transformed.
  • Immersive commerce is the future of online shopping, where experiences are made more social, fun, and interactive.
  • China has been at the forefront of integrating online and offline retail, providing valuable insights for the rest of the world.
  • B2B e-commerce is expected to grow four to five times faster than B2C e-commerce in the next four years globally.
  • Retailers and brands need to adapt to changing consumer habits and explore opportunities in ecosystems to stay competitive.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:34 E-commerce Disruption and Transformation

04:16 In-Store Tech and Transformation of E-commerce

05:11 Challenges in E-commerce

06:17 E-commerce Evolution to Immersive Commerce

11:28 China’s Influence on Retail and E-commerce

23:10 Differentiating Marketplaces, Ecosystems, and Platform Commerce

29:23 Moving towards a Unified Architecture

30:15 Implementing AI and Interactive Features

32:18 Addressing Specific Issues and Auditing Processes

33:16 Adopting B2C Technologies in B2B E-commerce

37:12 Challenges and Opportunities for Retailers and Brands in 2024

41:07 Pride in Career Achievements

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