The Future of Furniture Shopping with Alex Back from

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Alex Back, founder and CEO of, shares his journey in the furniture industry and the challenges he faced in helping customers find the right couch. He discusses the innovation he introduced in the online furniture space and the importance of customer service.

Alex explains the concept behind and its goal to provide a personalized shopping experience through an AI-powered quiz. He also discusses the monetization model and marketing strategy for the platform.

Finally, Alex shares his thoughts on building a company with an exit in mind. The conversation with Alex from covers various topics related to the growth and future of the online furniture industry. Alex discusses the consideration of acquisition, the process of building the platform, the focus on building an organic audience, the future of brick and mortar retailers, the growth of online shopping, and lessons from his acting and singing career.

Overall, the conversation highlights the opportunities and challenges in the furniture industry and the importance of tenacity and preparation in entrepreneurship.


  • The furniture industry faced challenges in the early days of e-commerce, with customers hesitant to make big-ticket purchases online.
  • Providing excellent customer service and building trust were key factors in overcoming objections and increasing conversions.
  • aims to help customers find the perfect couch by offering a personalized shopping experience through an AI-powered quiz.
  • The platform monetizes through affiliate marketing and paid advertising partnerships with furniture brands.
  • Building organic reach and co-branded partnerships are key components of the marketing strategy.
  • Acquiring the domain name was a strategic investment to establish a strong brand presence in the furniture industry.
  • Reducing the time to purchase is a primary goal for, as customers often take several weeks to make a decision.
  • Building a company with an exit in mind depends on the founder’s personal goals and vision for the business. Consideration of acquisition can be a turning point for a business and lead to strategic positioning and preparation.
  • Building a robust platform and focusing on organic audience growth are key priorities for online retailers.
  • Brick and mortar retailers in the furniture industry still hold a significant market share, but online shopping is expected to continue growing.
  • Lessons from acting and singing, such as dealing with rejection and the importance of preparation, can be applied to entrepreneurship.
  • Tenacity and perseverance are crucial qualities for startup founders.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:00 Building Apartment 2B

03:00 Challenges and Innovation in the Furniture Industry

07:59 Overcoming Objections and Providing Customer Service

16:33 Creating the Platform

20:18 Shopper Experience and AI-Powered Quiz

24:31 Monetization and Marketing Strategy

28:51 Acquiring the Domain

32:51 Reducing Time to Purchase

36:37 Building with an Exit in Mind

37:37 Consideration of Acquisition

38:32 Building the Platform

39:41 Focus on Building an Organic Audience

42:04 The Future of Brick and Mortar Retailers

43:46 The Growth of Online Shopping

45:19 Lessons from Acting and Singing

46:43 Closing Remarks

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