Staying True to Your Brand’s DNA: Abigail Joseph on the Future of Fashion

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In this episode, our host Eitan Koter dives into the world of luxury e-commerce and fashion with our guest, Abigail Joseph.

Imagine this: we’re chatting with Abigail while she’s surrounded by the beautiful desert in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s going to talk about her time with amazing brands like Forever 21 and Jacques Marie Mage and her take on the latest trends in digital marketing. 

In our conversation, we’ll dig into what makes a brand really stick with customers and how AI is shaking things up in online shopping. Abigail shares insights on maintaining brand DNA, website design, and customer retention strategies. She emphasizes the importance of consistency across channels and the need to focus on customer lifetime value. Abigail also highlights the role of collaborations and partnerships in driving customer acquisition. Additionally, she discusses the challenges and adaptations required when catering to Gen Z consumers.

In this conversation, we’ve also discusses various topics related to hiring, company culture, the perspective of Gen Z on work, the importance of soft skills in management, and the future of work.

Abigail knows her stuff, and she’s been in the game long enough to see how things have changed and where they might be headed next.

So, grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and let’s get into this. We’re just having a relaxed talk here, sharing some experiences and maybe learning a thing or two along the way.


  • Maintaining brand DNA and quality is crucial for luxury brands to retain their core customer base.
  • Consistency across channels, including website design and user experience, is essential for creating a cohesive brand identity.
  • Customer retention strategies, such as loyalty programs, are vital for driving repeat purchases and fostering brand advocacy.
  • Understanding customer demographics and their preferences is key to tailoring marketing efforts and product offerings.
  • Adapting to the needs and expectations of Gen Z consumers is essential for long-term success in the e-commerce industry. When hiring, it is important to consider a candidate’s fit with the company culture and their alignment with values such as diversity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • Soft skills, such as empathy and compassion, are crucial for effective management and building strong relationships with team members.
  • AI is an essential part of e-commerce, enabling personalization and improving customer retention.
  • The future of work will involve a combination of data-driven results and the development of soft skills.
  • Abigail plans to write a book about her experiences in the fashion industry, exploring the intersection of chaos and passion.


00:00 Introduction and Setting

02:42 Discussion on Luxury Eyewear Brand

06:18 Maintaining Brand DNA and Quality

08:59 Consistency Across Channels

10:27 Website Design and User Experience

12:56 Customer Retention Strategies

15:35 Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

20:33 Expanding Product Offerings

26:28 Generating Website Traffic

28:55 Adapting to Gen Z Consumers

30:49 Hiring and Company Culture

32:16 Gen Z’s Perspective on Work

36:06 AI in E-commerce

48:59 The Future of Work

51:00 Career Accomplishments and Future Plans

57:12 Closing Thoughts

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