Pioneering the Future of Influencer Marketing with David Tintner

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David Tintner, CEO of Thought Leaders, discusses the challenges and solutions in the digital content sponsorship space. He shares his personal journey and the inspiration behind founding Thought Leaders, a YouTube intelligence platform. David explains how Thought Leaders uses data analytics and technology to match brands with the perfect creators for their campaigns. He emphasizes the importance of long-form content and the value it brings to both creators and viewers. David also discusses the role of AI in influencer marketing and the benefits of bootstrapping a company. In this conversation, David Tintner discusses the journey of building a technology company and the importance of delivering value. He explains how Thought Leaders started as a technology company but initially generated revenue through offering services. The profits from these services were then reinvested to grow the company. David also shares his passion for the startup journey and the challenges and rewards it brings. The conversation concludes with David providing information on where to find him and the company.


Thought Leaders connects brands and creators to create perfect matches for sponsorship campaigns.

Long-form content provides higher quality and better viewer satisfaction compared to short-form content.

AI is still evolving and not yet capable of completely automating important business processes.

Bootstrapping can provide control and avoid the need to chase investors.

Advertising remains the most important revenue source for content creators. Building a technology company requires delivering value to customers.

Generating revenue through services can help fund the development of a technology platform.

The journey of building a startup is challenging but rewarding.

Thought Leaders can be found on their website and LinkedIn.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Journey

05:31 Thought Leaders: The YouTube Intelligence Platform

10:19 Thought Leaders’ Technology Platform and Service Component

12:17 Challenges in Digital Content and Thought Leaders’ Solutions

15:52 Evaluating KPIs and Tracking Success in Influencer Campaigns

19:17 Balancing Creative and Commercial Output for Content Creators

22:35 The Future of Content Creator Income Sources

30:31 The Role of AI in Influencer Marketing

35:05 Short Form vs Long Form Content on YouTube

40:46 Thought Leaders’ Bootstrapping Journey

42:12 Building a Technology Company

43:18 The Journey of Building a Startup

43:26 Personal Note: Something Most People Don’t Know

44:01 Finding Thought Leaders

44:22 Closing Remarks

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