Mastering the Art Market: Amitai’s Story of

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Amitai Sasson, the founder of, shares insights into the e-commerce industry and his experience running a successful online art gallery. He discusses the challenges of fulfillment, inventory management, and demand planning.

Amitai also highlights the importance of customer acquisition and retention strategies, including email marketing and personalized communication. He explores the potential of new sales channels like TikTok Shop and emphasizes the value of human touch in e-commerce. Amitai concludes by offering tips for starting and managing an e-commerce business, emphasizing the need for focus, scalability, and continuous improvement.


  • Fulfillment in e-commerce requires attention to detail and control over the entire process, from inventory management to shipping.
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies, such as email marketing and personalized communication, are crucial for success.
  • Exploring new sales channels, like TikTok Shop, can provide opportunities for growth and reaching new customers.
  • Passion for e-commerce and continuous improvement are key factors in building a successful online business.
  • Starting and managing an e-commerce business requires focus, scalability, and a willingness to learn and adapt.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:05 Overview of

06:13 Challenges in Fulfillment

07:20 Inventory Management and Demand Planning

10:02 Expanding to Other Sales Channels

13:12 Impact of the Pandemic and Business Growth

16:25 Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

23:14 Adding New Sales Channels

28:44 Passion for E-commerce and Continuous Improvement

34:20 Tips for Starting and Managing an E-commerce Business

35:54 Closing Remarks

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