Lights, Camera, Action: Stephanie Garcia’s Guide to Live Shopping

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Stephanie Garcia shares her expertise in live shopping and remote live production services. She provides tips for being irresistible on camera and emphasizes the importance of mindset and structure in video presentations.

Stephanie discusses her background in the ad agency world and her transition to live streaming. She explains her role as a remote live production producer and the process of planning and executing live shopping events. Stephanie also discusses successful marketing tactics, the role of influencers, and the KPIs to measure the effectiveness of live shopping events. She highlights the importance of choosing the right host and balancing entertainment with sales in live shopping events.

In this conversation, Stephanie Garcia discusses the role of live streamers and content creators in live shopping, the opportunity of live shopping in the US, and the rise of UGC content creators. She also talks about big brands embracing live shopping, TikTok’s influence on the industry, and the importance of engaging audiences and building emotional connections. Stephanie shares insights on analyzing live shopping performance across channels and the tools available for this. She provides lessons for launching successful live shopping events, including investing in gear and creating professional live streams.

Stephanie also discusses the role of NLP in live shopping, overcoming objections, and building trust with audiences. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships and trust in live shopping and shares strategies for repurposing live shopping content. Finally, Stephanie talks about her future plans and expanding her services.


  • Having the right mindset and structure is crucial for being irresistible on camera.
  • Live shopping events are effective for product launches and tentpole programming.
  • The success of live shopping events can be measured through attendance, sales, and engagement metrics.
  • Choosing the right host, whether an influencer or an in-house expert, is essential for a successful live shopping event. Live streamers and content creators play a crucial role in live shopping, providing a certain look, tone, and aesthetic that brands are looking for.
  • The US is still catching up to China in terms of live shopping talent, but the creator economy is growing, with UGC content creators becoming the next wave of live shopping hosts.
  • Big brands like P&G are embracing live shopping on platforms like TikTok, leveraging the engagement and emotional connection it offers.
  • To launch successful live shopping events, brands should invest in gear, create professional live streams, offer incentives, and build trust with audiences.
  • NLP can help overcome objections and build confidence in live shopping, while building relationships and trust is essential for successful live shopping experiences.
  • Repurposing live shopping content can generate additional engagement and sales, with a single live stream able to be turned into multiple pieces of content.


00:00 Introduction and Berkshire Hathaway Convention

00:42 Tips for Being Irresistible on Camera

04:41 Stephanie’s Services as a Remote Live Production Producer

06:19 Pre-Event, During Event, and Post-Event Process

09:58 Successful Marketing Tactics and KPIs

11:59 Choosing the Right Host for Live Shopping Events

14:11 Live Shopping on Social Commerce Platforms vs. Brand Websites

15:40 Balancing Entertainment and Sales in Live Shopping Events

18:09 The Role of Live Streamers and Content Creators

19:06 The Opportunity of Live Shopping in the US

20:07 The Rise of UGC Content Creators

21:26 Big Brands Embracing Live Shopping

21:56 TikTok’s Influence on Live Shopping

22:26 Engaging Audiences and Building Emotional Connections

26:39 Investing in Gear and Creating Professional Live Streams

29:01 The Role of NLP in Live Shopping

31:06 Building Relationships and Trust in Live Shopping

32:20 Repurposing Live Shopping Content

33:31 Pre-Promotion and Post-Event Engagement

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