Jennifer Peters: Crafting Success in the Supplement Market

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Jennifer Peters, an e-commerce expert, discusses the challenges and strategies in the supplement industry. She shares insights on how OLLY, a supplement brand, differentiates itself in the market and positions its products in the e-commerce space.

Jennifer highlights the importance of customer delight and the role of marketing in creating a pleasant customer experience. She also discusses the product configuration and variants offered by OLLY.

Additionally, Jennifer talks about the impact of AI in e-commerce and the evolving staffing needs in the industry. In this episode, Jennifer Peters shares insights and experiences from the e-commerce industry. She emphasizes the importance of speed and flexibility in the fast-paced market, where delays can result in missed opportunities.

Jennifer also discusses the value of working with vendors and partners who are invested in the success of the business. Building long-term relationships with these partners can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. She highlights the need for making informed decisions about vendors and being open to admitting mistakes and changing course when necessary.

Jennifer also explores the challenges of omnichannel strategies and tracking customer behavior across channels. Lastly, she shares a unique hobby of hers: cleaning and restoring gravestones.


  • Customer delight is crucial in the supplement industry, and brands should focus on creating a pleasant experience for customers.
  • Innovation and product development are key to staying competitive in the market.
  • Marketing plays a vital role in launching new products and acquiring customers, with channels like email, SMS, and influencers being effective.
  • E-commerce teams need to be agile and adaptable, leveraging data and technology to drive efficiency and make informed decisions.
  • The staffing needs in e-commerce are evolving, with a focus on filling skill gaps and building efficient teams. Speed and flexibility are crucial in the fast-paced e-commerce market.
  • Building long-term relationships with vendors and partners can lead to successful collaborations.
  • Making informed decisions about vendors and being open to admitting mistakes are important for growth.
  • Tracking customer behavior across channels is a challenge in the omnichannel landscape.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:08 Overview of OLLY and the Supplement Industry

02:49 Differentiating OLLY in the Market

03:48 Positioning OLLY in E-commerce

05:06 Product Configuration and Variants

06:28 Innovation and Product Development

08:08 Marketing and Launch Strategies

09:48 Marketing Channels and Influencers

13:58 Challenges in Customer Acquisition

16:37 The Changing Landscape of E-commerce

20:39 The Impact of AI in E-commerce

23:53 SKU Rationalization and Focus

25:46 E-commerce Technology Stacks and Operations

29:37 Skills and Staffing in E-commerce

34:37 The Importance of Speed and Flexibility

35:20 Working with Vendors and Partners

36:17 Building Long-Term Relationships with Vendors

37:13 Making Informed Decisions about Vendors

38:10 Being Open to Change and Admitting Mistakes

39:48 Omnichannel and D2C vs B2B

41:01 Challenges of Tracking Customer Behavior Across Channels

43:09 The Ever-Changing and Evolving Nature of E-commerce

43:34 Jennifer’s Hobby: Cleaning and Restoring Gravestones

45:09 Where to Find Jennifer

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