Innovative Strategies in Advertising: BSR Digital’s Brian Roisentul Shares His Expertise

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In this episode, Brian Roisentul, founder and CEO of BSR Digital, shares his personal journey from a background in computer science to becoming an advertising expert. He emphasizes the importance of going back to the basics in marketing and advises brands to focus on creating a strong product and validating its demand before investing in advertising.

Brian discusses the key elements of an ideal marketing strategy, including setting clear goals, developing a plan, and balancing acquisition and retention strategies. He also highlights the significance of data analysis, the impact of a cookie-less world, and the role of AI in advertising.

In this conversation, Brian Roisentul shares insights on taking action and putting knowledge into practice. He emphasizes the importance of consistently doing the basics and taking daily actions to achieve success.

Brian also shares personal insights about himself, including being a parent and his hobbies. He mentions his love for playing the guitar and soccer. Additionally, Brian discusses his passion for giving back and mentoring others, highlighting his involvement as a mentor on a platform called Growth Mentors.


  • Focus on creating a strong product and validating its demand before investing in advertising.
  • Develop a clear marketing strategy with specific goals and a well-defined plan.
  • Balance acquisition and retention strategies to drive business results.
  • Emphasize the importance of data analysis and leveraging customer feedback for effective marketing.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 Transition from Development to Marketing

06:00 Creating an Ideal Marketing Strategy

09:00 Defining Success Parameters

11:30 Spending Environment and Trends

13:30 Budget Allocation Across the Value Chain

14:30 Effectiveness of Different Media Formats

18:00 Marketing Strategies for Different E-commerce Niches

21:00 The Role of Data in Advertising Strategy

25:00 Balancing Data and Creativity

28:00 Adapting to a Cookie-less World

30:00 The Role of AI in Advertising

34:00 Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing

38:00 Going Back to the Basics

39:09 Taking Action and Putting Knowledge into Practice

39:49 Personal Insights and Hobbies

40:28 Giving Back and Mentoring

41:25 Contact Information and Closing Remarks

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