Innovations in E-Commerce: Liz Kressel’s Journey from Media to Online Shopping

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In this conversation, Liz Kressel, an e-commerce expert, discusses various topics related to e-commerce, including the integration of entertainment and commerce, the rise of live shopping and shoppable videos, best practices for live shopping events, e-commerce challenges and trends, optimization and customer journeys, the role of agencies in the Shopify ecosystem, and strategies for implementing subscriptions in e-commerce.

Liz also highlights the opportunities in the B2B e-commerce sector. In this conversation, Liz Kressel discusses the various applications and potential of live shopping in the B2B space. She highlights how live shopping can be used as a selling tool and a way to streamline the purchasing process. Liz also explores alternative uses of live shopping, such as in the insurance industry for informational conferences. The conversation then shifts to the evolving market and audience, with a focus on the preferences of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Liz shares her thoughts on the future of e-commerce, including the potential for digital storefronts and immersive experiences. She emphasizes the importance of visual content and shoppable videos in driving engagement. Finally, Liz emphasizes the need for businesses to regularly evaluate and optimize their user experience to maximize conversions.


  • The integration of entertainment and commerce is a growing trend, with content providers becoming e-commerce players and vice versa.
  • Live shopping and shoppable videos are effective ways to engage customers and drive conversions.
  • When planning a live shopping event, it is important to set clear goals, choose the right hosts, market the event effectively, and follow up with customers after the event.
  • E-commerce brands face challenges in optimizing their customer journeys, including website design, navigation, and messaging.
  • Shopify is a popular platform for e-commerce brands, but agencies still play a crucial role in providing technical expertise and strategic guidance.
  • Implementing a successful subscription strategy requires careful planning, including considering customer onboarding, marketing, and customer service.
  • The B2B e-commerce sector offers significant opportunities for growth and innovation. Live shopping has significant potential in the B2B space, allowing for streamlined purchasing processes and one-to-many marketing.
  • Alternative industries, such as insurance, can also benefit from live shopping by using it for informational conferences and transactional purposes.
  • The market and audience for e-commerce are evolving, with younger generations preferring digital platforms and immersive experiences.
  • The future of e-commerce may involve digital storefronts, shoppable videos, and a shift towards visual content.
  • Businesses should regularly evaluate and optimize their user experience to maximize conversions and avoid leaving money on the table.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:01 Integration of Entertainment and Commerce

07:58 Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos

13:01 Best Practices for Live Shopping Events

15:44 E-commerce Challenges and Trends

19:34 Optimization and Customer Journeys

22:03 Shopify and the Role of Agencies

26:27 Subscription Strategies and Implementation

31:45 B2B Opportunities in E-commerce

32:11 B2B Applications of Live Shopping

33:09 Alternative Uses of Live Shopping

35:06 The Evolving Market and Audience

37:03 The Future of E-commerce

39:07 Shoppable Video and Visual Content

40:15 Importance of User Experience

41:11 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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