Google, AI, and Privacy: Esther Cisneros Explores the Changing Digital Landscape

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Our host Eitan Koter discussed with Esther Uhalte Cisneros, a seasoned professional with a rich background spanning several countries and leading roles in media, advertising, technology and e-commerce.

From her early days in advertising sales at CNN to her transformative years in New York working for Estee Lauder and her current position at Google, as Head of eCommerce & Retail Sales for the German market.

 Esther explains the products and solutions that Google offers to the retail and ecommerce market, with a focus on AI and data analytics. She addresses the challenges and concerns around privacy regulations and emphasizes the importance of implementing privacy solutions to maintain conversions and measurement

The interview also touches on various industry topics, including the impact video advertising, and how small brands can compete by focusing on their competitive advantages. Esther’s approach to sales, her insights on video strategy, and her reflections on her career achievements and personal aspirations add further depth to the dialogue.


  • Esther’s career has spanned various roles in advertising sales, media agencies, and brand marketing, providing her with a diverse skill set.
  • The German market offers significant opportunities for e-commerce growth, particularly in the mid-sized company segment.
  • Google provides products and solutions that help businesses in the German market with AI, data analytics, and privacy regulations.
  • Implementing privacy solutions is crucial for maintaining conversions and measurement in the face of changing privacy regulations. Measurement foundations and privacy solutions are crucial for success in the industry.
  • Smaller brands can compete by focusing on their competitive advantages and leveraging AI to multiply their creative assets.
  • Quality creative is essential for success in video advertising.
  • Sales leaders play a crucial role in enabling companies and should be genuine in their recommendations.
  • Curiosity, gratitude, and lifting others are important qualities for success in the industry.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:24 Career Journey

09:19 German Market and E-commerce Trends

27:34 Measurement Foundations and Privacy Solutions

28:01 Competing with Big Brands

29:19 Differentiating in a Noisy Market

30:48 Using AI to Multiply Creative Assets

31:16 Continuing Advertising and Adjusting Strategy

33:10 The Importance of Quality Creative in Video Advertising

34:34 The Role of Video in E-commerce

39:28 The Definition of a Sales Leader

45:26 Curiosity, Gratitude, and Lifting Others

48:13 Proud Accomplishments

49:04 Reading Old Newspapers

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