From Clicks to Customers: Mastering E-Commerce Payments with Dror Birzon

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In this conversation, Dror Birzon, a payments expert from BlueSnap, discusses the challenges and opportunities in the payment industry. He highlights the importance of converting users into buyers and the role of AI in payment workflows.

Dror also emphasizes the need for localization in international expansion and the significance of alternative payment methods. He explores the growing trend of social commerce and the impact of shoppable videos.

Additionally, we’ve discussed the integration of online and offline commerce and the future of e-commerce and payment methods.


  • AI is being used in payment workflows to personalize user experiences, prevent fraud, and improve conversion rates.
  • Localization is crucial for international expansion, including using local payment methods, languages, and currencies.
  • Alternative payment methods, such as buy now, pay later (BNPL), are gaining popularity and can increase conversion rates, especially for high-ticket items.
  • Social commerce and shoppable videos are emerging trends that provide additional storefronts and enhance the user experience.
  • The integration of online and offline commerce, as well as the utilization of local acquiring, can optimize payment structures and improve success rates.


00:00 Introduction to BlueSnap

02:00 Passion for the Payment Industry

02:51 Changes in the Payment Industry

03:42 AI in Payment Workflows

04:02 AI Use Cases in BlueSnap

06:12 Fraud Prevention with AI

08:42 Challenges in Payment Structure

09:33 Converting Users into Buyers

10:27 Localization for International Expansion

12:25 Alternative Payment Methods

13:25 Localization of Payment Factors

15:27 Localization for a Complete Solution

18:18 Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

20:18 Social Commerce and Shoppable Videos

24:15 Merging Online and Offline Commerce

25:27 Video as a Conversion Tool

27:10 Future of E-commerce and Payment Methods

28:20 Utilizing Local Acquiring

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