From China to Global Impact: Carmen Muley’s Live Shopping Journey

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Carmen Muley, a live shopping and social commerce expert, shares her personal journey and experiences in the live shopping industry. She discusses the birth of live shopping in China and its evolution over the years.

Carmen highlights the differences in consumer behavior between China and the Western world, emphasizing the need for European brands to be more open to trying new things. She also provides insights into the challenges and objections brands face when implementing live shopping strategies.

Carmen explains the process for launching a successful live shopping event, including event production and preparation, engaging the audience during the event, and post-event marketing and follow-up. She discusses the options for streaming live events on social media platforms and brand websites, as well as the strategies employed by small and medium-sized businesses versus big enterprises.

Carmen highlights the importance of live sellers who have a background in TV shopping channels or are influencers. Carmen also introduces Stream Plaza, a live shopping marketplace that aims to connect brands with their audience. She explains the features of Stream Plaza, such as branded stores, live streaming, and product videos.

Additionally, Carmen shares her love for traveling and recommends visiting Myanmar for a unique experience.


  • Live shopping originated in China and has evolved significantly over the years.
  • European brands should be more open to trying new things and embracing live shopping.
  • The success of a live shopping event depends on strategic planning, event production, and engaging the audience.
  • Post-event marketing and follow-up are crucial for driving sales and maintaining customer engagement.
  • Streaming live events on social media platforms and brand websites have different advantages and limitations.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are more flexible and willing to try new things in live shopping compared to big enterprises. Live sellers play a crucial role in live shopping, combining sales expertise with audience interaction.
  • Stream Plaza is a live shopping marketplace that offers branded stores, live streaming, and product videos.
  • The goal of Stream Plaza is to help brands sell more by improving conversion rates and providing a unique shopping experience.
  • Carmen Muley enjoys traveling and recommends visiting Myanmar for its temples, unique culture, and delicious food.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Journey

00:39 The Birth of Live Shopping

01:35 Early Live Shopping Experiences

02:37 Evolution of Live Shopping

03:36 TV Shopping Experience

04:26 Transition to E-commerce and Social Commerce

05:23 Reasons for Moving to China

06:13 Opportunities in China

07:14 Differences in Consumer Behavior: China vs. Western World

08:02 Objections and Challenges for Brands in Europe

09:10 Opportunity for Brands to Stand Out

10:09 Niche Markets for Live Shopping

11:21 Streaming on Social Media vs. Brand’s Website

13:36 Process for Launching a Successful Live Shopping Event

18:23 Event Production and Preparation

21:05 Engaging the Audience during the Event

25:43 Post-Event Marketing and Follow-Up

28:19 Streaming on TikTok Shop and Social Media

32:12 Live Shopping Strategies for SMBs vs. Big Enterprise

33:47 The Role of Live Sellers

36:44 Introducing Stream Plaza

39:08 Helping Brands Sell More

40:00 Carmen’s Love for Travel

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