ERP Meets E-Commerce: Mastering Supply Chains with Paul Seibert

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In this episode, I discuss with Paul Seibert, e-commerce director at SCG team, about the challenges brands face in supply chain and inventory management, the integration of ERP and e-commerce, and the emerging opportunities of shoppable video and social commerce.

We explore the importance of sales in the international

markets, the expansion of channels and social media, the role of video in e-commerce, and the impact of AI on the industry. The conversation concludes with a discussion on market macro conditions, digital transformation, and the importance of clearing the clutter to think ahead.


  • Integration of ERP and e-commerce is crucial for businesses to connect their front-end web stores with their back-end operations.
  • Challenges in supply chain and inventory management include integration, accurate shipping calculations, and efficient warehouse management.
  • International markets offer growth opportunities, but businesses need to consider sales tax and other regulations.
  • Expanding channels and leveraging social media platforms can help brands reach new customers and increase sales.
  • AI plays a significant role in data management, content generation, and digital transformation in the e-commerce industry.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Journey

02:27 Focus Areas in E-commerce Landscape

03:45 Challenges in Supply Chain and Inventory Management

08:37 Implementation of ERP and E-commerce Integration

11:20 Intersection of E-commerce and ERP

14:38 ERP Evaluation and Integration

16:46 Integration of Other Applications with ERP

18:34 Challenges in Supply Chain and Inventory Management

19:47 International Markets and Sales Tax

23:17 Expanding Channels and Social Media

25:12 Role of Video in E-commerce

28:28 AI and its Impact on E-commerce

34:19 Market Conditions and Digital Transformation

36:19 Staffing for AI and Digital Transformation

39:07 Clearing the Clutter and Thinking Ahead

39:57 Conclusion and Contact Information

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