Decoding SEO’s Next Wave with Darwin Santos

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In this conversation, Darwin Santos, a technical SEO expert, discusses various aspects of SEO in the context of e-commerce. He emphasizes the importance of SEO in driving organic traffic and conversions for online stores.

Darwin highlights the need for strategic planning and execution of SEO strategies, considering factors such as technical elements, trust signals, and semantic understanding. He also discusses the role of structured data and the evolving impact of AI on SEO.

Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into effective SEO practices for e-commerce businesses. In this conversation, Darwin discusses various aspects of SEO and its future with Eitan Koter. They talk about the importance of trust and backlinks in SEO, the role of AI in shaping the future of SEO, and the challenges faced by small brands in the SEO game. They also discuss the role of resources in SEO, the efforts of search engines to give voice to smaller brands, and the implementation of SEO strategies across different platforms.

Finally, Darwin introduces his new project, Add to Cart AI, which aims to revolutionize the way people shop online.


  • SEO is crucial for e-commerce as it drives organic traffic and conversions.
  • Effective SEO strategies require careful planning and execution, considering technical elements, trust signals, and semantic understanding.
  • Structured data plays a significant role in helping search engines understand and rank webpages.
  • Keywords are important in SEO, but the focus should be on matching user intent rather than keyword stuffing.
  • The impact of AI on SEO is evolving, and it is expected to make the process more efficient and competitive. Trust and backlinks are crucial factors in SEO.
  • AI will play a significant role in the future of SEO.
  • SEO can be a fair chance for everyone, but resources are important.
  • Search engines are giving voice to small brands in the SEO space.
  • Implementing SEO strategies across different platforms is essential.
  • Credibility and trust are key in SEO.
  • Add to Cart AI is a new way of shopping that uses AI to simplify the process.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:06 Understanding SEO and its Importance for E-commerce

04:07 Best Practices for SEO in E-commerce

09:18 Planning and Execution of SEO Strategies

14:28 Importance of Technical Elements in SEO

16:20 Other Important Factors in SEO

21:14 Internal Linking and Semantic Understanding

24:09 The Role of Structured Data in SEO

31:09 The Role of Keywords in SEO

37:35 The Impact of AI on SEO

42:19 The Importance of Trust and Backlinks in SEO

43:00 The Future of SEO and AI

45:11 SEO as a Fair Chance for Everyone

46:07 The Role of Resources in SEO

47:07 Search Engines Giving Voice to Small Brands

48:32 Implementing SEO Strategies Across Different Platforms

49:40 Credibility and Trust in SEO

52:33 Introducing Add to Cart AI

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