Customer Retention Mastery: Lessons from Eli Weiss

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In this conversation, Eli Weiss, VP Retention Advocacy at Yotpo and an expert in customer experience and retention, discusses the importance of customer retention and the future of retention strategies at Yotpo. He emphasizes the need for brands to understand the holistic customer journey and utilize data to communicate with customers effectively.

Eli shares insights on implementing retention strategies, such as focusing on customer behavior and personalized messaging. He also highlights the role of data analysis and the evolving nature of the retention role in organizations.

The conversation explores the evolving approach to customer journey and the increasing importance of retention in business strategies. It highlights the changing roles and expectations of retention professionals, as well as the convergence of customer experience and retention.

The challenges of differentiation and scaling in the current market are discussed, along with key performance indicators for measuring retention success.

The conversation also touches on the similarities between D2C and B2B businesses in terms of customer expectations and the importance of customer success.


  • Customer retention is crucial for increasing the lifetime value of existing customers and reducing the need for constant customer acquisition.
  • Understanding the customer journey and utilizing data to communicate with customers at the right time and with the right message is key to successful retention strategies.
  • Implementing personalized messaging and understanding customer behavior can lead to higher customer engagement and loyalty.
  • The role of retention in organizations is evolving, with a focus on holistic customer experiences and the integration of data-driven strategies. Businesses are taking a holistic approach to the customer journey, considering various channels and strategies beyond just email and SMS.
  • Retention is becoming a more important role, with higher expectations and salaries for retention professionals.
  • Customer experience and retention are converging, with a focus on providing a great experience to drive retention.
  • Differentiating and scaling in the current market is challenging, with factors like the cookie-less world and increasing costs.
  • Key performance indicators for measuring retention success include LTV, CAC payback period, AOV, and contribution margin.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Importance of Customer Experience and Retention

06:00 The Future of Customer Retention at Yotpo

11:00 Defining Retention and its Objectives

17:00 Implementing Retention Strategies at Yotpo

20:00 Retention Strategies for Brands and Retailers

25:00 The Role of Data in Retention

30:00 The Evolution of the Retention Role

33:28 Holistic Approach to Customer Journey

34:16 Importance of Retention

35:10 Increasing Importance of Retention Roles

36:07 Convergence of Customer Experience and Retention

37:09 Challenges in Differentiating and Scaling

38:09 Key Performance Indicators for Retention

39:34 Considerations for Different Types of Businesses

40:27 Evolution of D2C and B2B

42:33 Closing Remarks

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