Blake Droesch of eMarketer: The New Era of Shoppable Digital Media

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In this conversation, Blake Droesch discusses the concept of shoppable media and its various platforms. He explains that shoppable media refers to any form of digital media that includes a call to action for purchasing a product. The conversation then delves into the strategies and approaches of different platforms, including Meta (formerly Facebook), TikTok, and YouTube. Each platform has its own unique strengths and challenges when it comes to shoppable media.

The conversation also touches on the importance of live shopping and the potential for growth in this area. The conversation explores the landscape of shoppable media and its potential opportunities. It discusses YouTube’s role as a hub for video research and the importance of user behavior on the platform.

The rise of retail media and the impact of partnerships and acquisitions in the industry are also examined. The challenges faced by retailers in adopting shoppable media and the transformation of the retail and media landscape are discussed. The differences between lean back and lean forward behaviors and the engagement with shoppable media are explored.

The conversation concludes by discussing the hype and potential of shoppable media and how to define success and measure brand adoption of shoppable video.


  • Shoppable media encompasses any form of digital media with a call to action for purchasing a product.
  • Meta (formerly Facebook) has been at the forefront of social commerce, leveraging its advertising ecosystem and brand trust.
  • TikTok’s shoppable media platform, TikTok Shop, is still in its early stages and faces challenges with product quality and user experience.
  • Live shopping has not yet gained significant traction in the US, but TikTok is making efforts to promote it.
  • YouTube, with its strong engagement numbers and recent Shopify integration, is a key player in shoppable video.


00:00 Introduction and Definition of Shoppable Media

03:18 Overview of Shoppable Media Platforms

08:13 Meta’s Approach to Shoppable Media

12:53 TikTok’s Shoppable Media Strategy

20:58 Shoppable Media on YouTube

23:55 YouTube as a Hub for Video Research

26:09 The Rise of Retail Media

28:38 Partnerships and Acquisitions in Retail Media

30:08 The Challenges for Retailers in Adopting Shoppable Media

33:27 The Transformation of Retail and Media

35:39 The Differences Between Lean Back and Lean Forward Behaviors

36:21 Engaging with Shoppable Media

38:40 The Hype and Potential of Shoppable Media

41:28 Defining Success and Brand Adoption of Shoppable Video

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