Licensed Media Delivery Platform

Maximize Your ROI with the VIMMI licensed Media Delivery Platform

With video dominating Internet usage and consumers shifting their viewing from TV screens to a diverse array of Internet-connected screens, video service providers and ISPs increasingly need to provide efficient, high performance video delivery services if they want to stay in the game. And affordable, broadcast-quality video delivery over unmanaged networks serves as an attractive differentiation opportunity in the competitive and largely undifferentiated service provider industry.

CDNs are notoriously challenging to build and operate: Long development horizons and deployment processes, together with rapidly evolving technology and formats make developing an in-house video CDN from scratch extremely costly, in terms of both time and cash. In fact, many video CDNs end up being obsolete even before they are completed.

Many video service providers and ISPs have opted to outsource video delivery to global CDNs rather than creating networks in-house. However, global CDNs have less expertise in specialized video delivery. They can not provide the granularity and control that are essential for ensuring that premium video is reliably delivered to every subscriber screen at broadcast quality at an affordable cost that meets the business targets of the operator.

When it comes to video delivery, smart service providers leave CDN to the video CDN experts. Now, Vimmi empowers ISPs and video service providers to quickly and confidently deploy broadcast quality video delivery services for their clients, without costly and risky in-house CDN development.

Licensing and 24×7 operation business model:

Under this model, operators can use their own bandwidth and standard servers (as specified by Vimmi) and build their CDN using Vimmi software license and optional 24×7 operational services from Vimmi. The cornerstone of our architecture is our ‘Media-box’ which includes variety of CDN capabilities in one server (Origin, caching, streaming, video service routing and management) and can be deployed very fast in remote network locations (edge) to eliminate peering and congestion problems and reduce overall cost of bandwidth and servers.

Vimmi open-platform CDN software integrates easily with existing network infrastructure via APIs. Our proprietary software and extensive knowledge enable service providers to anticipate and satisfy their customers’ emerging needs in the rapidly evolving video delivery field.

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