Virtual Retail: Pioneering the Future of E-Commerce with Atay Schulberg

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In this episode, Atay Schulberg, Strategic Enterprise Executive at Byond XR, discusses the future of immersive commerce and the role of virtual reality in e-commerce. Atay shares his personal journey and background in e-commerce and explains how Byond XR is bridging the gap between physical and virtual retail experiences. He provides examples of use cases and highlights the importance of personalization and storytelling in engaging customers. Atay also discusses the integration of AI and machine learning in immersive commerce and the potential of metaverses in the future. He concludes by sharing his marketing approach and a fun personal fact.

This conversation explores the challenges and benefits of transitioning from physical to virtual experiences. It discusses the importance of engagement and networking in virtual events and explores the technology and tools available for hosting successful virtual events. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of immersive commerce and how to contact Atay for further information.


  • Immersive commerce is the future of e-commerce, providing engaging and personalized experiences for customers.
  • Virtual reality and metaverses offer opportunities for brands to create immersive and interactive retail experiences.
  • Personalization and storytelling are key elements in engaging customers and building brand loyalty.
  • The integration of AI and machine learning enhances the customization and personalization of immersive commerce experiences.
  • Immersive commerce is not limited to traditional online shopping but can also be applied to training, customer support, and employee engagement. Transitioning to virtual events presents challenges but also offers numerous benefits.
  • Engagement and networking are crucial aspects of successful virtual events.
  • There are various technology and tools available to enhance virtual events.
  • The future of virtual events is promising and will continue to evolve.
  • To contact Atay for more information, LinkedIn and email are


00:00 Personal Journey and Background

05:20 Introduction to Byond XR

10:04 Use Cases and Examples

14:57 Designing Immersive Experiences

19:37 Benefits of Immersive Commerce

23:23 Integration of AI and Machine Learning

27:17 Immersive Commerce in Metaverses

29:50 The Future of Immersive Commerce

32:40 Marketing Approach and Target Customers

36:47 Personal Fun Fact

37:45 Contact Information

05:30 Challenges of Transitioning to Virtual Events

12:15 Benefits of Virtual Events

19:45 Engagement and Networking in Virtual Events

26:10 Technology and Tools for Virtual Events

32:40 Future of Virtual Events

37:53 Contacting Atay

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