The $3.6 Billion Ecommerce Expert: Jeremy Miller’s Guide to Online Success.

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In this episode, I spoke with Jeremy Miller, Senior Director of Commerce Platform at Moda Operandi. Jeremy has over 25 years of experience launching, managing, and optimizing ecommerce platforms and businesses, including over $3.6 billion of revenue in built systems.

Jeremy has a deep understanding of what it takes to build DTC and B2B businesses. He uses full digital transformation strategies by aligning engineering with business goals, hiring the ideal staff, managing international development teams, managing product strategy, and implementing effective UX/UI processes.

The conversation then shifts to the role of analytics and data in e-commerce, highlighting the value of analyzing customer behavior and making data-driven decisions. The future of e-commerce is explored, with a focus on the increasing role of AI and automation.

Finally, Jeremy shares a personal note about his involvement in the Blackbeard Spice Company, a pirate-themed spice rub company he co-founded.


  • Aligning e-commerce teams with the platform’s construction leads to more efficiencies.
  • The ideal candidate for director of e-commerce should have good business acumen, understand how systems work together, and have marketing skills.
  • International development teams offer opportunities for 24/7 coverage and access to quality talent, but communication and cultural differences can be challenges.
  • UI/UX design should focus on aligning with customer needs and leveraging platform capabilities.
  • D2C and B2B environments have different requirements, but both should prioritize user experience and functionality.
  • A well-defined process for UI/UX design and implementation, including wireframes, visual design, and testing, is crucial for success.


00:00 Introduction and Background

05:27 Building and Managing E-commerce Teams

08:47 Aligning Engineering and Business Goals

12:48 Ideal Candidate for Director of E-commerce

15:26 Managing International Development Teams

19:27 Product Strategy and Management

24:30 Differences Between D2C and B2B Environments

29:51 UI/UX Design and Implementation

38:24 User Experience and UI/UX

39:15 Analytics and Data

41:47 The Future of E-commerce

46:48 Personal Note: Blackbeard Spice Company

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