Small Brands, Big Dreams: Navigating Digital Marketing with Scott Ohsman

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In this episode, Scott Ohsman, VP Digital Commerce at Quickfire, shares his extensive experience in retail and digital marketing. He discusses his passion for working with small brands and the integration of marketing channels.

Scott provides insights on planning and strategy for small businesses, the evolving budgets and platforms in digital advertising, and the impact of Apple 2021 and the cookieless world. He also highlights the rise of retail media and the importance of creative in advertising. The episode concludes with a discussion on video length and engagement, as well as the influence of organic content on paid campaigns. In this conversation, Scott and Eitan Koter discuss various topics related to digital marketing and advertising. They explore the impact of organic and paid advertising on customer engagement and success. They also delve into the rise of social commerce and its potential to revolutionize online shopping. Additionally, Scott shares some fun facts about himself, and they conclude the conversation by emphasizing the importance of focusing on the fundamentals of marketing in the fast-paced digital age.


00:00 Introduction and Background

06:24 Passion for Small Brands and Integrated Marketing

08:01 Planning and Strategy for Small Businesses

09:41 Evolving Budgets and Platforms

13:42 Insights on Meta, Google, and Amazon

18:36 Impact of Apple 2021 and Cookieless World

20:18 Rise of Retail Media and Budget Allocation

27:55 The Importance of Creative in Advertising

32:18 Video Length and Engagement

34:32 Paid vs Organic Campaigns

35:01 The Impact of Organic and Paid Advertising

39:28 The Rise of Social Commerce

44:20 Fun Facts about Scott

46:07 Back to Basics: Success in the Digital Age

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