Multi-Channel Marketing Mastery with Jonathon Blevins of Equipment Share

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Our host Eitan Koter interviewed Jonathon Blevins, the e-commerce manager at Equipment Share, a B2B company in the construction industry. Jonathon explains Equipment Share’s omni-channel strategy and the challenges of purchasing behavior for high-ticket items. He discusses their content creation efforts and the value-added services they provide. Jonathon also shares insights on organic marketing, short-form videos, and influencer marketing. He talks about the balance between customer acquisition and retention and the challenges in the current customer acquisition landscape. Additionally, he discusses the impact of a cookie-less world on paid media and the importance of analyzing channel performance and ROI.

In this conversation, Jonathon discusses various aspects of marketing, analytics, and e-commerce and emphasizes the importance of paid search KPI’s and the different metrics he focuses on at different stages of the marketing funnel. Jonathon also shares how he has been surprised by the results of his email marketing strategy and the importance of customer focus. He discusses the use of analytics platforms and the need to trust the data while also being aware of potential biases. Jonathon highlights the role of AI in SEO and content generation, as well as the challenges of multi-channel marketing and attribution. He also touches on the impact of AI on traditional media and shares his passion for e-commerce and his involvement in cat rescue.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:10 E-commerce Experience and Analytics

05:02 Overview of Equipment Share

06:22 E-commerce Platform Launch

07:01 Omni-channel Strategy

09:03 Purchasing Behavior and High Ticket Volumes

10:38 Supply Chain and Inventory Management

12:23 Content Creation and Value-Added Services

14:09 Organic Marketing and Short-Form Videos

16:02 Target Persona and Customer Acquisition

17:30 Challenges in Customer Acquisition

19:01 Paid Media in a Cookie-less World

20:29 Analyzing Channel Performance and ROI

21:23 Paid Search and Funnel Metrics

22:07 Surprising Results and Customer Focus

23:13 Providing Value and Personalization

24:13 Analytics Platforms and Trusting Data

24:46 The Importance of Analytics and Equalizing Data

25:05 Being Reactive and Adapting to Changes

26:02 Marketing Characteristics for Different Company Stages

27:08 Focus on Growth and Retention

28:06 AI in Marketing and SEO

29:34 Multi-Channel Marketing and Marketplaces

30:19 The Complexity of Analytics and Omnichannel Behavior

35:49 Attribution Models and Analyzing Data

38:07 Traditional Media and CTV Advertising

39:45 Final Thoughts and Advice

42:05 Fun Fact and Personal Interests

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