Creating World’s No.1 Sports Insole with Ryan Regan of VKTRY

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Ryan Regan, the Director of E-commerce at VKTRY, discussed with our host Eitan Koter the company’s carbon fiber insole product and their focus on becoming the number one sports insole in the world. Ryan shares how the product was designed and the viral marketing campaign that propelled their growth.

Ryan discussed VKTORY’s direct-to-consumer business model and the importance of their main marketing channel, TikTok. Ryan shares more important information about website optimization, customization options, and the use of AI in e-commerce.

Ryan also emphasizes the importance of influencer marketing and the success they have achieved through working with influencers. We’ve explored the challenges of selling on social media platforms and the role of teenagers and parental involvement in the purchasing journey.

He expresses his passion for his job and the pride he takes in his career journey. Lastly, Ryan shares a fun fact about traveling around the country in a converted school bus.

It is an episode packed with marketing wisdom and innovation.


  • VKTRY is a carbon fiber insole company focused on athletes and sports performance.
  • Their viral marketing campaign on TikTok helped them gain traction and grow their customer base.
  • The company operates primarily through a direct-to-consumer model.
  • Website optimization, customization, and AI are important aspects of their e-commerce strategy.


00:00 Introduction and Product Overview

01:01 Company Background and Viral Marketing

04:24 Marketing Channels and Strategies

06:13 Website Optimization and Skepticism Elimination

08:19 Target Audience and Customization

10:00 Offline Retail Considerations

12:58 Data-Driven Decision Making

15:26 User Experience and Personalization

18:24 Customer Journey and Purchase Process

19:22 Teenagers and Parental Involvement

21:46 Influencer Marketing

24:12 Marketing Activities

27:55 Social Commerce and Shoppable Media

29:17 Passion for the Job

30:06 Career Journey

32:06 Fun Fact: Traveling in a School Bus

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