Stand Out from the Crowd: 6 Creative Approaches to Viral Product Launches


Sold out! 😱

Something like this happened to the Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask soon after its launch. 

The product was sold out immediately after going viral on TikTok. And it’s consistently been going in and out of stock since.

Going out of stock is literally the dream-come-true moment for brands. 

But viral product launches are not a coincidence. 

They are the result of a thoughtful strategy put behind by the team after trials and tests.

Gone are the days of traditional product launches that rely solely on press releases and advertising. 

Today, it’s all about capturing the imagination of your target audience, engaging them in unique ways, and creating an emotional connection that goes beyond the product itself. 

This isn’t just about generating buzz; it’s about strategically building brand awareness, acquiring loyal customers, and accelerating growth.

So if you’re in the e-commerce space looking for serious inspiration for product launches, we have six strategies for you.

1. Collaborative Partnerships

When it comes to launching a new product, teaming up with brands can really work wonders. You get to tap into new audiences, expand your reach, and create some serious buzz around your launch.

Here’s why co-branding works:

More Eyes on Your Product

By partnering up, you’re essentially getting your product in front of a whole new set of eyes. It’s like having a built-in audience that’s already interested in what you have to offer.

Building Trust and Credibility

When you join forces with a reputable brand or influencer, you’re not just reaching more people – you’re also gaining their trust. Their endorsement can do wonders for your product’s credibility.

Opening Up New Opportunities

Collaborative partnerships can open doors to new markets and demographics that you might not have reached otherwise. It’s like expanding your horizons in the business world.

And let’s not forget the creative energy that comes from working together. You can bounce ideas off each other, pool resources, and come up with some seriously impactful ways to launch your product. It’s like a turbo boost for your brand!

Balenciaga and Crocs have been attracting attention with their playful blend of styles since 2018. Their latest collaboration received a spotlight when Eliot Page showcased it on the red carpet in 2022.

The Balenciaga and Crocs co-branding campaign was successful because it:

  • Expanded Balenciaga’s ideas: The high fashion brand used Crocs’ accessible shoe brand to expand and reinforce its experimental ideas.
  • Created excitement: The campaign placed experiments in public spaces to create excitement and engagement with the audiences for both brands.
  • Changed perceptions: The $850 platform clog created by Crocs and Balenciaga shows how a proper partnership can change perceptions.

2. Pre-launch Teasers and Excitement Building

Alright, let’s talk about building up the hype before your big product launch. We’re talking about those sneaky little teasers and behind-the-scenes glimpses that get people buzzing with excitement.

Creating Anticipation

So, the idea here is to tease your audience with little hints and previews of what’s to come. It’s like giving them a taste of something amazing and leaving them wanting more. This builds up anticipation and gets people curious about your upcoming product.

Who can beat Nike when it comes to creative product launch ideas? 

The Nike team recently announced an upcoming product SB Dunk Low in their latest TikTok post. And they only showed the animated version of the product. But it already got over 45 million views and 7.5 million likes and counting.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Introducing the SB Dunk Low by powerpuffgirls.

♬ original sound – Nike

Sneak Peeks and Behind-the-Scenes Content

One way to do this is by sharing sneak peeks of your product or behind-the-scenes looks at how it’s made. People love feeling like they’re getting an exclusive peek into something special, and it gets them talking about what’s coming.

Exclusive Previews

Another cool tactic is to offer exclusive previews or early access to a select group of people. This makes them feel special and valued, and they’ll be eager to share their excitement with others.

Pre-launch teasers and sneak peeks, you’re not just promoting your product – you’re creating a whole vibe around it. 

Look how Teferi Taylor has promoted an upcoming product from Hatclub in a pre-launch teaser on Instagram:


3. Interactive Product Demonstrations

Let’s talk about the magic of interactive product demonstrations. It’s all about getting your customers involved and excited about what you have to offer, and there are some fantastic ways to do it.

Innovative Showcasing

Now, there are some seriously cool ways to do this. You could set up virtual reality experiences where customers can virtually interact with your product. 

And let’s not forget about the power of videos! 

Hosting live demos where they can see the product in action and ask questions in real-time is another great idea. 

They can showcase your product from different angles, giving customers a comprehensive view. 

Live sales campaigns also allow users to see the product in action, while shoppable videos make it easy for them to watch on demand and interact with the content, completing the interactive product demonstration experience.

Engaging Your Customers

The key here is to make your product come alive for your customers. Instead of just telling them about it, you’re showing them and letting them experience it for themselves. This kind of hands-on approach really grabs their attention and keeps them interested. 

And you can make that happen by hosting live chat, Q&A, running hashtag and UGC campaigns on social media.

4. Invest in Influencer Marketing

Influencers have dedicated followers who trust their recommendations. When an influencer talks about your product, it’s like getting a stamp of approval that can reach a whole new set of potential customers.

Know Your Squad

Before scouting for influencers, nail down your ideal customer. Think age, interests, online habits – basically, who you’re trying to reach with your product launch.

Search for Relevant Influencers

Scour social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for influencers who resonate with your brand and target demographic. Look for their engagement levels, content style, and overall vibe.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t just go for the biggest names! Micro-influencers with smaller, engaged followings can be just as powerful, especially if they’re laser-focused on your niche. Remember, it’s about authenticity and trust, not just follower count.

Collaboration, not Control

When you reach out, treat influencers like partners, not puppets. Give them creative freedom to showcase your product in their own unique way. This genuine approach will resonate more with their audience and feel less like a sales pitch.

Too Faced Cosmetics successfully utilized influencer marketing by partnering with Kristen Hancher for the launch of their Damn Girl mascara. 

The brand leveraged Kristen’s large following on TikTok to introduce the product to a wide audience, generating over 821 million views for the #TFDamnGirl campaign. 

This collaboration resonated deeply with the target audience and helped drive sales of the mascara and other products. 

Too Faced Cosmetics innovatively hosted a TikTok Live Shopping Event, seamlessly integrating native content and eCommerce, further boosting their sales and brand visibility.

💡Vimmi makes it easy for your e-commerce brand to collaborate with influencers and stream product launch videos, live shopping events across social media channels and marketplaces with one tap of a finger.

5. Limited Edition or Exclusive Offers

Let’s talk about the power of limited edition and exclusive offers. When something is only available in small quantities or for a short time – it instantly becomes more special, right? That’s the magic of creating urgency and exclusivity around a product.

Creating Urgency and Exclusivity

By making something limited or exclusive, you’re giving people a reason to act fast and feel like they’re getting something really unique. It’s like when you hear about a special flavor of your favorite snack that’s only around for a short time – you just have to try it before it’s gone!

Leveraging Scarcity to Drive Sales

For brands, creating a limited edition version of a product or offering an exclusive deal for a limited time can make customers super excited. It’s like saying, “Hey, this is something really special, and you won’t want to miss out.” It’s all about making people feel like they’re part of something exclusive and extraordinary.

6. User-generated Content Contests

User-generated content contests not only help your brand get cool content for your product but also help you also build a community of loyal and engaged customers who feel connected to your brand in a special way. 

Here’s why user-generated content works wonders for e-commerce product marketing:

Fostering Engagement and Loyalty

When you invite your customers to create content for your brand, it’s like saying, “Hey, we value your creativity and want you to be part of our story.” This builds a deeper connection and makes them feel like they’re part of something special. Plus, when they see their own content being celebrated, it creates a sense of pride and loyalty.

Authenticity Amplifier

It’s raw, relatable, and way more trustworthy than anything you could craft yourself. People trust their peers, and seeing your product shine in their hands is pure gold.

Different types of consumer-generated content ideas: 

Social media challenges are also super fun – like asking them to share their favorite product hacks or stories related to your brand.

Now, there are so many cool contest ideas to choose from. For example, 

  • You could have a photo contest where customers share pictures of themselves using your product in creative ways. 

Starbucks held the White Cup Contest, inviting customers to decorate coffee cups with #WhiteCupContest. The contest generated visually appealing social media posts, increasing Starbucks’ organic reach and user-generated product design.

Source: Instagram

  • Or, how about a video submission contest where they can show off their talents or share their experiences with your brand? 

Chipotle’s #GuacDance Challenge encouraged users to dance for free guacamole, resulting in significant user participation and exposure, showing how short videos can make marketing fun and interactive.


TFW guac is free. Online/in-app only 7/31 #GuacDance Terms:

♬ The Guacamole Song – Dr. Jean
  • Branded hashtag challenges can be a fantastic addition to user-generated content contests. 

By creating a specific challenge related to your products or brand and encouraging users to participate and share their videos using the designated hashtag, you can tap into the immense creativity and reach of the TikTok and Instagram community.

NYX, a cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, collaborated with TikTok to promote their Butter Gloss product line. They created the #ButterGlossPop Branded Hashtag Challenge Plus, which garnered over 11 billion views and generated 2 million video creations. 

This led to a 42% increase in brand awareness and a 79% increase in ad recall.


1..2..3.. lip gloss lowk poppin ☺️😛 #ButterGlossPop @nyxcosmetics #ad

♬ Butter Gloss Pop – NYX Cosmetics
  • Video testimonials can be a powerful form of user-generated content that significantly boosts sales and customer trust.

When customers share their experiences and satisfaction with your product through video testimonials, it adds an authentic and personal touch. These videos provide social proof, showing potential customers real people who have benefited from your product. This authenticity can greatly influence purchasing decisions.

Illuminate sells eco-friendly motion sensor lights on their website, featuring video testimonials demonstrating the product’s effectiveness in lighting dark areas of customers’ homes. The testimonials emphasize the product’s value.

Source: Illuminate

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An ecommerce product launch is an opportunity to go beyond just introducing a new item. It’s a chance to create an experience that resonates deeply with your audience, fostering genuine connections and building a community around your brand. 

By embracing creativity and authenticity, and putting your customers at the center of it all, you can transform a product launch into a memorable and impactful moment. So, as you start working on your next product launch, consider how you can craft an experience that sparks excitement, forges lasting connections, and leaves a meaningful impression on everyone it touches.

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