Immersive Ecommerce: A Deep Dive with Atai Schulberg from Beyond XR


In a recent episode of the E-compulse podcast, host Eitan Koter engages in an insightful conversation with Atai Schulberg from Beyond XR. The discussion revolves around the exciting intersections of Web3, Metaverse, AI, and their implications for the future of e-commerce.

Journey to Beyond XR:
Atai Schulberg shares his unique journey, which began in China’s manufacturing sector. His ventures, which bridged Chinese manufacturers with global e-commerce, laid the foundation for his fascination with the digital transformation of commerce.

The Vision of Beyond XR:
Atai gives us a glimpse into Beyond XR’s mission to meld the physical and digital commerce worlds. The company specializes in creating personalized, immersive 3D environments for brands, transforming traditional e-commerce into dynamic, interactive experiences.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Experiences:
A significant aspect of Beyond XR’s strategy involves using AI to tailor experiences within virtual spaces. According to Atai, AI technologies can adapt product displays and layouts in real-time based on user interactions, elevating the personalization aspect of online shopping.

Impactful Implementations:
The conversation highlights successful implementations by Beyond XR, including digital replicas of flagship stores for brands like L’Oreal and Lancome. These examples underscore the company’s capability to scale and adapt immersive environments across different markets.

Targeting Gen Z through Innovation:
Atai emphasizes the importance of engaging with the new generation of consumers who demand more than just transactions. Beyond XR’s approach involves creating virtual experiences that resonate with the values and tech-savviness of Gen Z and millennials.

Predictions for Immersive E-Commerce:
Looking into the future, Atai predicts a shift towards more immersive and interactive forms of e-commerce. He suggests that evolving hardware and technologies will enable deeper, more meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Extending Beyond E-Commerce:
Beyond XR’s technology also finds applications in areas like immersive training and internal company communications, indicating the versatile nature of their platform.

Strategic Market Approach:
Atai outlines Beyond XR’s market strategy, focusing on large, global enterprises. The company caters to a variety of sectors, with a special emphasis on those that benefit most from immersive branding experiences.

A Personal Touch:
On a personal note, Atai reveals his love for comic books, aligning with his professional passion for immersive storytelling and experiences.

The podcast with Atai Schulberg from Beyond XR opens up new perspectives on the evolving world of e-commerce. His insights underscore the growing importance of immersive technologies in creating compelling and personalized brand experiences.

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Reaching Out to Beyond XR:
Atai invites interested parties to connect with him and Beyond XR through various channels like LinkedIn, email, and industry events, emphasizing their openness to collaboration and innovation.

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